NBA Legends And Players Explain How SCARY GOOD PRIME Kobe Bryant Was

NBA legends and gamers clarify how scary good Kobe Bryant was!!!

What NBA Legends And Players Suppose Of Kobe Bryant

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NBA Legends And Players Explain How SCARY GOOD PRIME Kobe Bryant Was

32 thoughts on “NBA Legends And Players Explain How SCARY GOOD PRIME Kobe Bryant Was”

  1. I love the non Kobe things that go disregarded. #1 is his defense. But if I have to dig down I will say that if it wasn't for Tim Duncan…. Kobe would have 8 rings….. and respectfully I can say the same if "FUNDAMENTALS" didn't have to go against the "MAMBA" !!!! He would probably have 8 rings too!

  2. People don’t give this man credit his like hated his actually my goat hands down just look at these plays career edit this is just him being great like if anyone can create a shot with only one dribble it’s him his the best hands down 1 on 1 basketball player you never even seen Michael doing crazy foot work like this watch highlights with his foot work it’s spectacular to watch kobe was another Michael with different tricks up his sleeve I seriously don’t understand his ppl say leflop is the greatest of all time mj and Kobe are way better then him idc I personally think Kevin Durant is on his way to become better I say it goes ether Kobe or mj at the first personal preference I say Kobe just my opinion then mj then Kevin then lebron then like Kareem magic but like I’m saying just cause lebron has better stats and all that doesn’t mean his better snd has more skill like for real ppl can stat pat but Kobe didn’t do that he was just there to win win and win I’m sure if Kobe wanted to get a triple double stat pat like Russell he could do it like every game but that guy was just about winning an having that killer instinct he made everyone fear him 💯💯 also if Kobe had the teams like lebron did that guy is retiring with 8 or more rings guy almost 3 peated with pau fucking gasol lebron bearly got dubs with stacked ass teams he’s literally 4-10 in the finals that’s embarrassing boy had d wade bosh Allen he had Shaq too kyrie love Dwight dwade again on Cleveland drose isiah Thomas now he has AD russel Westbrook rondo deandre Jordan Carmelo I can go on and on this guy had the most stacked teams then anyone in nba history if he was really the goat this guy should at least have 8 rings right now for real and Allen and kyrie Litterally saved his ass for 2 out of the 4 so really I don’t understand how ppl say lebron is better then Kobe and mj like I really don’t yes the guy has insane stats he can work the ball abit better creating plays he’s more of a team player but he don’t have that killer instinct to be able to take over a game him self an make sure to get the W an take over games he needed the most help in nba history to get them chips

  3. *yawns… cupcakes… R.I.P. NBA 2003ish… glad they recorded real players of the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s… cupcakes nowadays would not survive nor the skills.

  4. My favorite momoent when kobe dunk on the player disrespect and so bad he even didnt thougth that he was gonna fall on that unbelievable dunk i just dont remember who was that poor player

  5. The most skillful player ever to play the game of basketball in the NBA league.he can masterfully shoot the ball and score even in the most tight and close defensive situations.truly a scoring machine in human form with the mindset of winning every game to play.

  6. Being from L.A I can't tell you the level of excitement we shared every time he touched the ball. Every game we were down and Kobe called for the ball we collectively shared this feeling of magic

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