Neo-Nazis explain why they like Donald Trump

4 days earlier than the US presidential election, white supremacists gathered for a rally in Pennsylvania.

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On November 4, 2016, the Nationwide Socialist Motion gathered for a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The occasion was 4 days earlier than the US presidential election and featured speeches given by NSM commander Jeff Schoep and Nationwide commander of the America First Committee, Arthur J. Jones Jr. On the rally, leaders mentioned how Donald Trump’s presidential marketing campaign has introduced white supremacism into the mainstream and legitimized their beliefs. Mark Potok from the Southern Poverty Legislation Middle contextualizes the occasion along with his dialogue of how Trump has created political area for extremists by courting the help and validating the beliefs of teams on the alt-right. The rally closed with dialogue of how the neo-Nazi teams plan to arrange a present of drive on Election Day.

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Neo-Nazis explain why they like Donald Trump

22 thoughts on “Neo-Nazis explain why they like Donald Trump”

  1. Come on! Let's speak Truth White America wasn't built by White people 'ok. The White House wasn't built by White people. Why is it so hard for some to speak that which is Truth?

  2. America is built as Racistm around the world……lol….Because we white even though the real American is the Native American with red or black colour skin

  3. I actually remember this! I live in steelton pennsylvania (a small town literally 5min from Harrisburg). Not to get political but everyone deserves the right to protest. I DO NOT agree with these people but we all have a right to have our voices heared.

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