New details emerge about Trump’s efforts to overturn election

The Senate Judiciary Committee launched a sweeping report detailing how President Donald Trump tried to overturn the 2020 presidential election. CNN’s Jessica Schneider has extra.

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New details emerge about Trump’s efforts to overturn election

35 thoughts on “New details emerge about Trump’s efforts to overturn election”

  1. Hey there's something in the constitution about being a traitor. Trump wrote it down . Instructions !!! so wtf , arrest him.i question merrick garland, answer the questions Durbin. Wow this guy I'm getting dizzy from ALL THE SPIN ,EVASIVENESS

  2. I dont kno bout yall, but i was watchn on live tv as they kikd out poll watchers n covered up windows. That was all i needed to see to know that this election, wasnt an election. Semper fi

  3. Jan 6th was a new low for the Republican Party. The Republicans have been destroying the US for decades in fear that the other people will take over. The Democrats are bad. The Republicans are far worse.

    Stop the madness, vote third party people into office.

  4. So funny how CNN still cant stop taking about TRUMP 😂 obsessed with the guy but your just giving him positivity compared to the current Goverment…hes bound to be president again after sloppy Joe and the demcracks or someone else will take his place and figure. Just the way she goes 😉

  5. Don't worry Trump won't be your president until 2024…. So relax and enjoy the next 3 years after that everybody all Trump haters will be eating shittttt

  6. Why does an adult man behave as if he doesn't understand anything? Trump must learn that he isn't above the law, that he's powerless, that he's a poor former president. He should grab himself by the collar and stand up like a grown up man and understand that he cannot change anything.

  7. and yet they remain free to spew their anti-democtatic venom… same ole same ole..
    the politicians and elites are never held accountable… well, this time the people will stand up and end the insanity we call the US GOVERNMENT. We can do better a and we do not need any of these people to run our government… fire them alll!

  8. Trump is 1000 Nixon's-except the GOP DIDN'T do a damn thing about it this time-but enabled it instead!
    The GOP were IN on this insurrection! No doubt about it!
    The whole damn GOP "party" is corrupt as all hell & so are their voters!

  9. Everyone who helped plan, finance, encourage, or participate in the insurrection should be punished for their crimes. Bring all the criminals, including the leaders, to justice!

  10. Historically did America got people hanged for high treason ONLY, or for ATTEMPTING high treason?
    It's not a suggestion to do violence — it's a reminder a failed coup is as guilty as a succesful one and the courts should be trusted with dealing with it.

  11. We all saw all the videos we saw all kinds of crap about this…. And we saw on her with Trump did and said…. And we saw how the media treated Trump the last 4 or 5 years too

  12. BS news… china propaganda…. control what the people hear….more propaganda ,more propaganda…. control the news ,or big tech … control what Thay think

  13. LOL, trickery Dick Durban has a lot of room to talk. Total political propaganda. These are the dividers among us, out for themselves. A 100 biased 100 partisan committee political theater clown show. Intentionally sensationalize divisive fomenting rhetoric to make money and points off of the conflict they create. Don't let them divide us. Hope and pray for everyone especially the Democrats to see the light and do the right things for everyone not just themselves. My opinion

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