NFL MVP voting based on personal feelings is a dereliction of duty | Brother From Another

Michael Smith and Michael Holley reply to Hub Arkush making NFL MVP voting personal towards Aaron Rodgers and the way it makes the general public much more skeptical of sports activities media. #NBCSports #BrotherFromAnother #NFL
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NFL MVP voting based on personal feelings is a dereliction of duty | Brother From Another

NFL MVP voting based on personal feelings is a dereliction of duty | Brother From Another

47 thoughts on “NFL MVP voting based on personal feelings is a dereliction of duty | Brother From Another”

  1. Aaron Rodgers committed a federal offense…. he should have been suspended 3 games. W H I T E privilege. If he wins it, y'all better name it the "Most Virulent Punk". Cause he had a viral moment, but he put an entire rosters game cheque at risk w/ his CM Punk lookin self

  2. It doesn't matter because Tom Brady should be the clear cut unanimous MVP!! Any other player with Tom Bradys stats would easily be the clear cut favorite but since his name is Tom Brady they discount what he's done this season and that's bull shit

  3. Kupp is having one of the 3 most dominant seasons for a WR in league history and I’ll bet he doesn’t get a vote. Derrick Henry joined only 8 RBs to ever rush for 2k yards in a season last year and he didn’t get a single vote.

    It’s a QB award. More specifically, it’s a QBR award. Rodgers won’t even break 4K yards (in a 17 game season) and if you take out his trash division games against teams that aren’t in the playoffs and 2 of 3 are likely firing their coaches, he’s below a 100QBR.

    But he has the best QBR so he’s your MVP.

    Imagine the NBA reserving the MVP for guards only (and only ones who lead the league in assist to turnover ratio) and forwards and centers couldn’t win it regardless of how great they or their team was. Only the NFL could be this bizarre.

  4. Love your comments. I’m new to watching NFL, but you guys have the same passion for the integrity of the game as we do about rugby here in New Zealand. How the heck did that guy get a vote? Subscribed.

  5. How anyone can think Rodgers is “a bad dude” is something I’m still struggling to understand. Even if you disagree with his vaccination stance or what he said about it, he’s clearly thought it out and deeply considered the issue and alternatives for himself. He didn’t come up with a phoney record like AB for instance. Even if you didn’t like Rodgers approach to contract negotiations last summer, it’s also entirely within his rights to take whatever approach he wishes; he clearly has his locker room. His appearances on McAfee reflect anything but a “bad dude.” Hub Arkush is a loser.

  6. Don't award anybody that award until after the season is over. Same with assistant coaches should not be allowed to talk to other teams for a head coaching job until their team has been eliminated from the playoffs.

  7. Brady should win this award but at this point fuck it give it to Rogers they want this man to win soooooo damn bad give him the MVP so he can be the MVP like last year with home field advantage again and do what he always do in the playoffs lose in the NFC championship game. 🤝 Brady will win the most important MVP in the Super Bowl 🐐

  8. It's dereliction of duty to not have PFF crate an MVP stat and use that to select the MVP, if you can't deal with arbitrary that is the only way to go. MLB delt with the arbitrary for a more important thing, MLB Hall of Fame, no one, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Hank Arron got unanimous vote there first and only vote to be a Hall of Famer. MLB delt with it by canceling 100 voters and Rivera was the first unanimous first timer. MLB could have also delt with it by having PBF create a Hall of Fame stat, every one deserving gets in first time there is no 2nd time etc. it's black and white and numbers don't lie, and things like playoffs, World Series, performance in those situations would probably have more relevant weight. Some guy may get in because voters see that iconic walk off homer like the shot heard round the world, and you look at the guy's body of playoff work and it's mediocre.

  9. So this guy calls AR a name and says he's voting for someone else! Because AR lied! So the supposedly next MVP ! Comes out and calls him a BUM ! And that's seems to be fine with everyone! So the so called "bums" ONE VOTE is that big of a deal!

  10. This is my first time listening to u guys. I am very impressed. Intelligent dialogue and thoughtful incite! Thank u! I am now a new subscriber. Keep up the great work! Thank u!

  11. If Aaron Rodgers is such a bad guy, how come he raised money to help small businesses during Covid from his home area? How comes he's donated money over the years to other charitable organizations such as the MACC Fund?
    How much money has Mr. Hub Arkush donated in his lifetime?

  12. The sad part is Adrian Peterson was disciplining his kid, his ex was trying to use the situation for money. Afterwards, her boyfriend killed AP's son and she was never charged with anything.

  13. I was the first to pile an Aaron for being laughably uninformed and embarrassing himself on The PMS 2.0. HOWEVER, wtf does that have to do with his on-field performance? Fuck these coward writers/voters. The second they get the slightest bit of power over athletes, they become addicts.

  14. Each of them has called the other out but they don't know each other. They base their opinion of the other on what they think is the problem. This is one of the funniest feuds ever!!!

  15. Whitlock.. McAfee… Black n white.. sports…u guys. And a few I forgot… mainstream sports media will smear and lie bout these shows sooner or later.. they do it to McAfee already…

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