Nick Saban meets with the media after Alabama falls to Texas A&M

Nick Saban meets with the media after Alabama falls to Texas A&M

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37 thoughts on “Nick Saban meets with the media after Alabama falls to Texas A&M”

  1. We still have a shot at taking the Championship this year……but, if we DONT, there are possibly 24 players returning next year…….all of them are seeing QUALITY time on the field and are contributing….I have a feeling than Neal will go to the draft…but if NOT, we're golden…again, THIS might not be our year, but WATCH OUT in 2022 people !!!

  2. 1st of all.. Our Offensive Coordinator HAS to make BETTER Play calls!!!!!!!!!! We were down at the 4/5 yard line and he called 4 PASS plays, when we have Robinson , a BADASS Running Back and you Didn't give HIM the BALL????!!! WTF!!! It was like watching the Seattle/ Patriots Super Bowl game when they passed the ball Rather than letting Beast Mode run the DAMN BALL IN!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!

  3. Did you see how the Alabama State Trooper violently knocked down a Texas A&M young female as they were escorting Saban off of the field. A real class act. On the video, it is at 0:42

  4. You don’t know how good you can be until you know how good you are. The SEC is a dangerous place to play on any given Saturday down south. But A&M has poked the bear. Probably not a good thing for the remaining Bama opponents.

  5. Coach we shall return ❗️We are learning from the best. Get some rest Coach. Roll Tide Roll ♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️

  6. Roll Tide Roll, a loss is only a lesson to show that you can't get to comfortable at the top every dog has it's day & Bama will regroup & return to the playoffs with vengeance. Remember Bama has been here before usually after a loss follows a Championship we average 1 loss so Roll Tide 🏈

  7. As a Bama Fan I still got faith in this team i don't care what anybody says Bama Fan or Not this program is 1 game doesn't define who we are im glad we took that lost hopefully it humbles ourselves

  8. Sad to see us lose like this to a very mediocre A&M team like this. Hopefully this will keep the tide humble and motivate them to crush the rest of the season.

  9. When a hero stumbles, cowards rejoice. Nothing feels better to a coward than to watch a brave guy fall.’ Dave Chapelle Let them rejoice. We will be back. Roll Tides.

  10. Lot of issues is correct! We arent the same team as last year! We dont have a great df thats fluff! Ive wartched this df for the last three years and what ive seen big troubles in this df for at least the last three years. Our df is capable but not executing! Accuracy of thrown balls wasnt too bad but what was wrong with our recievers last night?running back robinson? Excellent execution with the ball. We have talent across this team . This is a certain. What we dont have is the same will to win ! 🤷‍♂️ need to tune this dc up ! The oc too! We lost all over the field last night from the players to the staff. Facts are facts. We almost took an L @ Florida. Df plays an incomplete game . Time to wake them boys up! O line wtf is wrong there? Our qb should not have taken that many sacks last night that was insanity!

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