Pastor Prays Over Cardboard CARDBOARD CUT-OUT Of Trump

On this video, I discuss Pastor Lance Wallnau praying over a cardboard cut-out of donald trump. I additionally speak concerning the injury management he does for the republican celebration, and for the trumpism motion extra broadly. Along with that, he calls steve bannon an apostle of jesus.


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Pastor Prays Over Cardboard CARDBOARD CUT-OUT Of Trump

39 thoughts on “Pastor Prays Over Cardboard CARDBOARD CUT-OUT Of Trump”

  1. Do these guys really think they can do all the things that normal christians and atheists do for the country? If they win, everyone loses. The USA wouldn't survive the loss, deporting all the reasonable people jeepers…

  2. What is this, if not witchcraft? And they wonder why we think they're loony mystics. I have no issue with people believing in Christianity. But when they denounce magic and turn around and bury saint statues next to their house foundations or pray over cardboard cutouts that bugs me. At least be f'ing consistent.

  3. Is this guy squatting in the back room of a book store or something? Also doesnt all that disorganization say something about his state of mind? Im legit curious about that so if anyone out there knows anything about it please clue me in, but I feel like Ive heard that somewhere.

  4. The radical right aren't even hiding the fact that they intend to murder everyone in America who doesn't look, believe and behave exactly like them anymore.

  5. Sadly my father is one of these Dominionists.
    When I came out as an atheist he said that "You better be making plans to leave the country while you still can do so of my own volition" and "once we have power people like you (me) won't be tolerated here any longer".

    And it isn't just atheists that he holds a grudge against. He has made it very clear that everyone that belongs to the other Abrahamic non-Christian religions, need to be hunted down and (made not-alive), everywhere on the face of the Earth… Calling for full-blown genocide of religions promoting "false gods".

    He isn't quiet about sharing these views either, and has resulted in his accounts on Twitter and Facebook getting permanently banned multiple times.
    He has found refuge on BitChute and Telegram, where he can express himself without worrying about getting censored for his extremism.

  6. "What would the communists say when someone stands next do you so conspicuously" says the pastor speaking into a made-in-China communist microphone attacked to made-in-china communist speakers.

    Funny these Christian nut jobs NEVER use Christian-made, American-made anything. HMMMMMMM

  7. I thought this guy was talking about y’know the very clear footage of people physically assaulting, beating, pulling, and pushing cops and storming a government building and tearing it apart. Of all the footage I’ve seen, it’s pretty fuckin crystal clear what happened.

    But of course yeah we can’t trust footage of a wannabe terrorist that was released by the government because y’know its really easy to fake that. So we of course can’t trust the government either about the released footage showing other terrorists also committing terrorism at the capitol insurrection.

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