Physical Escalation *LIVE DEMO* Introducing Physicality (Do THIS)

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Physical Escalation *LIVE DEMO* Introducing Physicality (Do THIS)

33 thoughts on “Physical Escalation *LIVE DEMO* Introducing Physicality (Do THIS)”

  1. Idk I’ve been watching these sorts of videos mainly to make sure I’m the best version of myself in any aspect of like, but I feel I’ve always naturally been smooth in situations with a girl one on one even without watching videos on the topic, but I guess there’s guys out there that don’t got it naturally I guess….you also don’t wanna feel like you’ve memorized or studies what to do has to come natural

  2. I like what you did there with the whole necklace thing, it was kinda like a behind the scenes/blooper but it stays in the video to show exactly what a natural interaction looks and feels like….more of this☝🏼

  3. Hey Kyle! I really appreciate this video it came in handy just last night I’ve been texting this chick nonstop and the moving her leg up thing was the exact situation which got her literally face to face with me. You’re the best chief!

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