Preparing for Competitions – Gymnastics Coaching Tips – Coach Kyle

This video is to assist put together for your first competitors. Or, simply suggestions for competitions usually. I hope the following pointers are useful. If in case you have another issues to organize for let me know.

Earlier than Competitors
-Take into consideration the way you need to current your self, how your athletes behave, and the way your mother and father athletes ought to behave on the competitors.

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– Apply fall proticol in observe, ensure they take the 30 seconds earlier than leaping again up.

Have a Plan for These Conditions…
-Guardian goes wild
-Athlete will get injured
-Athlete misbehavior
-Athlete will get a foul rating and has meltdown
-Child forgets routine halfway
–After competitors: what if child has actually dangerous competitors
what do you do if everybody had an excellent competitors

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Kyle Thalman -Gymnastics Coach, Lead Engineer for Tumbl Trak, and Inventor of the wizard Coaching Technique.

Preparing for Competitions – Gymnastics Coaching Tips – Coach Kyle

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