Press Sec. Spars with Reporter Over Biden's Debunked Rittenhouse Lie | Direct Message | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s refusal to apologize for mendacity about Kyle Rittenhouse, Donald Trump being confirmed proper over the hazards of the mainstream media’s lies, and Nancy Pelosi’s escape plan from California’s failed insurance policies. First, Dave shares a clip of Peter Doocy from Fox Information asking Jen Psaki if Joe Biden plans to apologize for defaming Kyle Rittenhouse. Psaki refuses to confess that Biden lied about Rittenhouse after which tries accountable Donald Trump for supporting white supremacy. The issue is that it’s simply one other simply disproved lie. Subsequent, Dave shares a clip of Donald Trump on Hannity denouncing the corrupt media. With every new publicity of mainstream media lies it turns into tougher and tougher for even liberals to not admit that he is proper. Lastly, it seems that the current smash and seize organized retail theft crime wave in California is waking up some Democrats to the truth that their progressive insurance policies are failing. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough appears like a conservative the way in which he connects the Bay Space crime wave to insurance policies pushed by individuals like Chesa Boudin that lower the punishment for theft underneath $600. Nancy Pelosi can also be planning her escape from California’s crime spike because it has been revealed that she has bought a waterfront mansion within the pink state of Florida.

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Press Sec. Spars with Reporter Over Biden's Debunked Rittenhouse Lie | Direct Message | Rubin Report

37 thoughts on “Press Sec. Spars with Reporter Over Biden's Debunked Rittenhouse Lie | Direct Message | Rubin Report”

  1. Still waiting to see when Thumbs Down counter is actually turned OFF on any of the streams I watch – wonder if it has anything to do with most being conservative… 🤔🇺🇸

  2. Random.. i'm not sure who fixed the Decor of the plant and globe on the shelves behind you but thank you LOL their positioning had been bothering me for a while.

  3. It is just so sad and frustrating to be polite, that we the people have let things get so horribly bad. I am just as guilty as anyone because all I have ever done is complain about how horrible and horrific it is. I have also lost a job or two because I stood up for myself and fellow employee's but that is the extent of my life long revolutionary push backs. I completely understand that my own personal fear of retaliation is the main reason I have not done more about all the injustices happening in real time just in my own city let alone the rest of the world. There really is no excuses and/or defense for any adult citizen that is physically and mentally capable of looking out for themselves to possibly not know what is going on with others immediately around them as well as the world around them. Young single adults are probably more guilty of this than those older than they are but that does not mean that they are alone of being guilty of this. I myself walked around for a lot of years, well past my teen years believing that I was so small, so insignificant that my opinion and what really mattered to me was of no relevance and the least important thing that anyone would care about. It was only when I dared to say something finally out of pure frustration, more likely than not, that others started to speak out as well and share with me and anyone who would listen of their own silent thoughts, opinion's and idea's and surprisingly, a lot of them mirrored my own.

    That is what we the people must do. We must form our own political party or support the one and only the one that supports we the people (if one exists) and put them in power immediately if not sooner. This B.S. cow crap of having to be held hostage by a corrupt government for four long years is complete insanity. Do people not realize just how much damage these corrupt criminals can do in four long years? We the people have to take charge of this political nightmare immediately and oust these losers before they completely and deliberately destroy our countries. Provisions must be made both in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and Freedoms that enables citizens of Canada, Australia and the United States to immediately vote out any government/politician that they majorly feel are corrupt and putting the citizens health, welfare, rights, freedoms and/or are negatively affecting the lives of citizens in general in any kind of harmful and/or dangerous way. It is the ultimate goal of these global satanists to spiritually, mentally, physically and financially bankrupt every man, woman and child on this planet and they are using our government(s) to do it. People need to realize, believe and accept this as fact. They want to permanently enslave humanity into becoming nothing more than a commodity just like that of beef and/or chicken that is also to be processed as such from the day we are born to the day we are of no further use to these "people" any longer. That is just the physical, mental and financial us, only because they will never be able to destroy the spiritual us for that belongs to our true creator who each and everyone of us is just a small yet very significant part of.

  4. I’ve noticed that every time there is a story the conservatives report that the leftists deny is true and say is propaganda, they eventually report it and act as if it’s recent news, even though the right has been saying it all along. It’s happened so many times before my eyes… red pill moment.

  5. I dont believe she has enough time left to call it retire-especially when she already looks as if She's been retired, run over and hit w the stupid stick a million times.

  6. Law enforcement didn't do their job, hence the need for ordinary people having to defend property from being burned, Biden should be thanking Kyle for standing up to evil

  7. Diring one of the debates Biden claimed the ONLY criticism Trump had regarding the 1994 crime bill was it didn't incarcerate enough people.

    There is a clip from the 1990s where Biden is talking about how great the crime bill was and the only problem was it didn't go far enough!

    What you can count on is when the left makes an inflammatory accusation against the right they are generally confessing through projection!

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