Rams HC Sean McVay was “caught off guard” by all the 49ers fans that took over SoFi Stadium

Rams HC Sean McVay was “caught off guard” by all the 49ers fans that took over SoFi Stadium

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50 thoughts on “Rams HC Sean McVay was “caught off guard” by all the 49ers fans that took over SoFi Stadium”

  1. Some random information about Sean McVay. For old school pre-2000 49er fans, Sean's family name should be familiar. His grandfather, John McVay was part of the 49ers front office from 1980-1999. He was VP from 1980-1994, glorious years for the team.

  2. I feel like Sean McVay bleeds 49ers' blood. His grandfather was like working for 20 years from 1980 to 1999. Sean was born in 1986, his early years to teenager years were Montana/Young years.

  3. Hahaha.. nice excuse but being poorly prepared once again is the real reason. Poor BoyVay 😂

    Love those sideline shots where his eyes are bulging and he’s freaking out, frantically searching his inept play card wondering what to do to compete with Shanahan.

    I still remember when Sean told Shan “I wish we weren’t in the same division”. Instant defeat.
    Shanahan is in his head and it’s leaking out to the team. And now red and gold is invading so-fi. Heavens 😳😆

  4. It is your HOME FIELD!!! No more excuses!!!! Poor O-line and poor defensive play!!!! You all should be able to WIN at home, but you have proven otherwise!

  5. McVay is all about excuses. He was feeling great in the first half running down the firld in the end zone celebrating a TD. But McVay you know what the truth is that the Faithful was pumped by your actions & your Lambs are not tough enough to beat the 9iner gang. True facts.

  6. I want sean mcvay fired. 0 and 6 to the 49ers, helping them in playoffs, couldn't get the 3 for a rematch but give them retarded cowboys. I hope Arizona blows you out. Fuck you, get out of LA pios. Get rid of Stafford, God he's horrible.

  7. Its because ur team and the organization has no heart u and snead are traders to the team u have not won one game that was a big game u dont know how to u blame goff and he wasnt the problem no heart and the fans know that the niners fight every year and every game ur players dont trust u and that is what u have installed into them they dont know if there going to be there tomorrow or not your running back micel has been doing a great job and what do u do u bring in akers who shouldnt be playing anyway and it shows that on the team that u trust no one i hope ur on ur way out of LA they need someone who will stand behind them and lead them and show the fight that other teams have that we dont u suck mcvay and we all mean it

  8. Thank The Blonde Bitch Rams Owner who stole the team from Rosenbloom family.. Georgia Frontiers who move Our Beloved LA Rams to small market St. Louis Aka St. Lewy…49ers and Raiders were the only teams left to root for .Chargers are a Basket case.. Long time LA Rams fans are getting up there in age ..New generation of young NFL fans have taken over .The old game has changed .Back in the day players did not exchange jerseys and take photo with the enemy . George Allen would be pissed…So fi is the Rams House take it back..

  9. As much as I loved taking over sofi, this isn’t anything new. Has no one associated with the Rams or media remember the LA Coliseum being a sea of red too? Every time we played there even when we sucked.

  10. I've been to a lot of 49er games and they always take over stadium they took over the stadium in Tampa the year before when I was there and this year in Detroit they took it over it was like home games

  11. As a 9er faithful I can tell you right now Rams/Chargers Owners really spent 5 billion dollars to ensure home field advantage for the visiting team 🤣🤣🤣
    The NFL should give the stadium to USC.. Trojans will sell that place out!!! More then the "St. Louis Rams" and "San Diego Chargers" could ever sell being in "Los Scandalos"

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