Reaction – Kyle Rittenhouse Trial


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Reaction – Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

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45 thoughts on “Reaction – Kyle Rittenhouse Trial”

  1. I know right.. It's like do they really believe the shit they say SMFH I Sure hope not. I'd like to think as most Americans we still really believe in our country and the media giants pushing bs but WE the PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AND TIRED OF THIS SHIT.

  2. Gaige Grosskruetz was the only one involved in a "subversive" group. He also had a gun he "shouldn't" have had, then made comments in the hospital that he should have "unloaded his gun into that kid"

  3. Sorry, don't agree with you on this one. It isn't self defense when you go out of your way to be at an event with a gun in the first place. You put yourself there, that is your choice to be part of that mob and you don't get to play the victim card. Idiot boy had no business being there and his idiot mother is equally as culpable.

  4. I was nervous that we would disagree on the verdict coming into your video. But you just confirmed that you are a soulmate brother! Keep up the good work please

  5. They don't even care about minorities all they aim to do is pretend to be the saviors of our community when they truly couldn't care less. They wanna be viewed in a certain heroic light when they dont give a shyt. They don't mind the crime going on in our community bcuz they aren't a victim to it so instead they just make excuses for all the crime. If it was them and their people in the mix, I doubt they'd be so tolerant of it

  6. It was clear to me that the prosecution did not want to win when the only charges they had related to the killing were 1st degree murder, which is very hard to prove (especially when the judge wouldn't allow the footage of Rittenhouse saying he wanted to kill people he believed were shoplifting). The prosecution in the Trayvon Martin killing did the same thing.

    It was clear that the judge was on the side of the defense when he would not allow the victims to be called "victims", but they could be called "looters", even though there is no evidence of them looting. Also not allowing the footage of Rittenhouse saying he wanted to murder suspected shoplifters, as well as throwing out the gun charges.

    Quite frankly, after Rittenhouse killed the first guy and then instead of calling the police started running away with an AR-15, he became a public shooter. If one of these public shooters shot someone, bystanders would be justified in trying to disarm them. No one would accept "self defense" if the shooter kills those people.

    Rittenhouse went down there looking to kill someone. He was successful. As a society, we should not be supporting wild vigilantes going around looking for trouble and finding people to shoot.

  7. I haven't had a belly laugh like the one I have had, watching your video… in way too long, dude. As far as the content? I could not agree with every.single.word any more! Bravo!

  8. I’m a bleeding heart liberal and that was clearly self defense. No question. Meanwhile I’m hearing from family members who watch liberal news that vigilante-ism will take off at protests now etc. and it might. But Rittenhouse wasn’t guilty of murder, so what else can you do?? The jury got it right.

  9. The MSM basically sending a lynch mob after the jurors just doing their civic duty tells you everything you need to know about their moral fiber. Independent news coverage is the future.

  10. He wasn’t protecting his property. He went there looking for trouble. He didn’t show up to a peaceful protest with a guitar, he showed up looking for trouble with a AR. Where is the responsibility with that? In the end, self defense. At the beginning, intention for trouble.

  11. R you in Law school or shrink ology? maybe a book writer? or just a comedian that covers crimes for ur own reasons? U are intellectually funny and witty.. BTW when is ur wedding date?

  12. I've had so many arguments with people over this trial. Rittenhouse clearly defended himself, they can turn it up side down and lie it flat on its face, it doesn't change the fact. Not guilty

  13. One video looked like Kyle shooting someone then running. I did not like the judges behavior. He looked too biased. I don't know anything about the guys who were killed but the whole case was disgusting. People use right wing politics to get away with crimes so that's what it looked like at first. I hope Kyle acquittal was fair and not political. My only concern. No defendant should be at the mercy of politics.

  14. Unlike Rittenhouse, Grosskreutz actually possessed his gun illegally because he was a convicted felon. I'm guessing that's the only reason he didn't just start firing; because he knew he wasn't legally allowed to have that gun.

  15. Ugh thank you for actually being fair and unbiased in this. I never know, some of my favorite youtubers are so far left when it comes to anything political, they can’t see straight anymore. I honestly didn’t gather wether you are right or left (it doesn’t matter to me as long as you are fair), I just gathered that you looked at this entire thing logically and simply watched the evidence. Which sadly, is far more than sooooo many others did (including actual journalists). Anyways, thank you for your (yet again) entertaining, comical, and very accurate take on another case! This is why I always come to your channel first!

  16. watch the real world police video on YouTube of gage grosskreutz getting arrested for DUI it shows what a jumper up idiot he really is. funny how every one involved except Kyle is a felon. jump kick man is now in jail. none of them were doing anything other than actively attack Kyle with the I rent of causing him significant physical harm. Kyle should have stayed home. he was trying to be a part of the excitement happening in his town without being a rioter, I think he was chasing a rush rather than genuinely being completely selfless, but all the people out there were doing the same and they. should all have been home watching Netflix so Kyle acting like a typical teen and wanting to be part of the action isn't something that should be held against him in the trial.

  17. The wooden Wisconsin carving symbol thing was really strange to contemplate. At first you think, "whoever made this, sort of, has no idea what people look like." But then, you see the actual people of Wisconsin testify and in particular the big fat prosection guy who thinks you should just take physical abuse and shut up about it. HE looks like the misshapen men on the carved symbol of Wisconsin. "Forward!"

  18. although rittenhouse shot rausenbaum 4 times, the shots were all fired in the space of under a second or therabout. it wasn't like he shot, paused, shot again. he was definitely innocent and the media has been shown up to be the liars of the century.

  19. Scott…loved this!!! You are so good at this and you are so sensible!! I'd love to hear you on the Travis McMichael testimony because as I listened, I kept hearing your interjections…it was so bad….and also, Chad Daybell's "story" he wrote to Lori would be absolutely hilarious in your hands. Keep on keeping on…love from Brooklyn!

  20. This isn't entirely unrelated, but I felt it's worth mentioning that a landlord's restriction of their tenant's right or ability to possess a firearm is a violation of their tenant's human rights. It's a stripe of slavery.

  21. I felt the same way about the Casey Anthony trial. I was not surprised by the verdict at all based on the trial (even though I think Casey did it) but people who didn’t watch any of it were going OFF.

  22. Woow wooow wait a second now…After watching this video, I got interested in the case and went to check out the details. Im mot American so was not too familiar with it…was that idiot charged for unlegaly caring a firearm at least? As a minor you can take a gun and go "protect" someones property? Thats normal for you guys over there 😳 so anyone can take out weapons and go outside and play cops and thiefs 🤦🏻‍♂️ I follow your chanell for quite some time and I really think you a rational and smart guy…still you didnt even comment on the fact that a 17y old retard took an assault rifle to go outside looking for trouble under the cringe of protecting…protecting what you idiot 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ damn I wish he would try that over here

  23. At what point does moral culpability become legal liability? There is a real strong message being sent that I could put on a Hillary Clinton shirt and walk into some kind of Trump rally or something with a AK-47 and just wait for some shit to pop off before SHOOTING SOMEONE IN THE CHEST and I'll be found to have done nothing wrong so long as I wait for someone to touch me or my gun…or maybe I could just stay the fuck home cuz I'm not retarded.

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