Rudy Giuliani, Under Oath, Reveals Baseless Origins Of Trump Big Lie Claims

Rachel Maddow reads excerpts from the transcript of a deposition, below oath, of Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani during which he explains that he cannot keep in mind however thinks a few of the conspiracy theories he pushed concerning the 2020 election got here from social media and he did not hassle to verify the truthfulness of the claims from his bombshell supply who claimed the election was stolen. 
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Rudy Giuliani, Under Oath, Reveals Baseless Origins Of Trump Big Lie Claims

30 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani, Under Oath, Reveals Baseless Origins Of Trump Big Lie Claims”

  1. You just witnessed a carbon copy of what 'lies' ahead with the Jan 6th disgrace that was brought upon America from a draft dodging, twice impeached, one term wanna be dictator.

  2. Don't be fooled by the seeming incompetence in all of this, it's the non-stop challenges to our ideas of competence, our assumptions of a general will-towards truthfulness; the constant gaslighting challenges to reason itself; it's all of that that opens us up little by little to rule by force without reason. What all this represents is a strain of the US American personality throughout its history – even before it was a political entity it expressed itself in forcible kidnapping and enslaving of people, (it literally was the first thing Columbus thought when meeting really nice people for the first time; their 'passivity' – (what could be a misinterpreted general kindness?!) lead Columbus to think of enslaving them). Then as a colony beginning the long brutal and largely ignored systematic genocide that would be continued even as a freed revolutionary Nation State. We became the United States by militarized colonization that used lies and murder to get what it wanted. We are founded on the violence that allowed settlers to pretend innocence -so this innocent incompetence act, even if it really is the case, is still all just a cover for a personality that is really all about violent domination – they want to gaslight us into physical, mental, and spiritual submission – as all fascists want to do all the time – the blundering is just the disarming confusing cover.

  3. He's still lying that let's the people know that he was lying back then and he's still trying to save Trump too SMH he sure don't need to get his license back that's for sure that we know

  4. Isn't a lawyer suppose to get the facts to prove in a court of the law wow it sure doesn't sound like he's a good lawyer period SMH how does he know for sure that he's right about anything if he has no proof at all wow he surely doesn't need his license back he should know that though but I'm guessing he don't know huh

  5. Typical left lies and bs that only idiiots believe. How many times will this persona non grata lies?Gee the Russian hoax that's now proven and majority of the conspiracy lies this thing spread. Lol🤣🤣🤣

  6. The concept of lying and the liar
    An ancient and still relevant concern to us all.! Individually and as a group humans have generally looked down upon liars. Because they break the agreement that allows us to trust one another.! America was destroyed by lies

  7. Let’s see: there is a recount in Arizona – resulting in Trump getting less votes that before the count. Trump stands before before a bunch of morons in Georgia and announces that he “ won” the recount and the morons start clapping and jumping up and down!?!? Now Trump wants more recounts- no wonder -he can tell the idiots he won every recount and they don’t know enough to google anything.

  8. What's most tragic is the diehard Trump fans won't even pay attention to this, the constant moving of goalposts, they were saying months ago that the evidence was already out there, but it never actually materialised despite loads of self declared deadlines for release. Now people like Giuliani are admitting there was actually no hard evidence despite claiming they had it, and people like Mike Lindell who still claim they have evidence are now claiming they're keeping it private for safety.

  9. It's funny how a old white person could comment treason and people have to listen as he makes a fool out of HIS system blacks get killed by his pawns and he is the leader but can't assert his authority on the grievance of the century.

  10. I question a bit the expression / articulation she gives her voice when quoting what Giuliani said during his testimony. We all know that he is a corrupt puppeteered prop and the whole lot of them makes a person want to 🤮. Still, I think this style of reporting may influence too much. It seems to have a slight unprofessional flavour to it. Admittedly, I am not familiar with Rachel Maddox, so maybe this is her known and accepted style. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. I really dislike Trump and Giuliani, terrible people. I also dislike MSNBC for portraying this woman's crap as news. Be better MSNBC. Perhaps create a new channel called CRAP and place content such as this there. Just as fox, you lead the half wits down a deep dark tunnel filled with bull… There they get all fired up and are fooled into believing they have just watched the nightly news. You are culpable in the brain washing with filth infested water the minds of fools.

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