RWW News: Jones & Carlson Knock 'Hippo' Huma Abedin

RWW Information: Jones & Carlson Knock 'Hippo' Huma Abedin

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19 thoughts on “RWW News: Jones & Carlson Knock 'Hippo' Huma Abedin”

  1. Wait, what?! Calling racist Donald Trump a "racist" because Muslim isn't a race is divisive and "whips people into a greater frenzy…"? So the ACTUAL right-wing divisive racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic rhetoric isn't the problem, it's pointing out the racism, sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia? Fucker Carlson isn't even smart enough to realize that even his stupid followers can't be THAT stupid. Can they?

    And then Alex Jones insults Huma's appearance? And more than implies that she is a lesbian, because his rabid, half-witted audience is also homophobic? This is what passes for political discussion in American?

  2. WTF happened to Tucker Carlson…. He used to be a serious conservative pundit. Now he's a smarmy, craven little shit. If I was her husband, I would drive to his office and stuff that nerd in a locker.

  3. Leftists hate it when people don't cow to their politically correct bs. LOL. How about a "safe space" for you fascists. And while you misguided loons are busy "watching" the right wing and demonizing them, jihadists are infiltrating the country to destroy it. But, as your Gods Obama and Clinton have said, they know their true enemies… the Republicans. What a bunch of delusional crackpots you lefties are.

  4. Okay, I know trying to make sense of what guys like this say is useless…but when you call a lady that looks like she weighs 98 pounds a hippo, it's like they don't even care if they make sense anymore either.

  5. Tucker Carlson used to be considered a serious political analyst and commentator. How the mighty have fallen . . . and BTW–for what its worth–Ms. Abedin is pretty gorgeous. Actually a knock out. Mr. Weiner is a lucky fellow. These guys are truly desperate. They could only wish to have a spouse as smart, confident, and beautiful as Huma. And I am by no means a Hillary supporter–NO!

  6. We have to make sure we don't polarize this discussion because these guys are half right. Trump is a racist, but it isn't racism to be concerned about Islam, he is right saying that Islam isn't a race and we do need to recognize that. It's a set of ideas that we should criticize the same way we criticize these guys wacky ideas.

  7. Little richie's NRO compared a climate scientist, Michael Mann, to jerry sandusky; a child molester.

    There'sa little law suite working it's way through the courts now, and it's costing him millions.

  8. 1:11 — "That is exactly the kind of language, of rhetoric, that divides people…"

    Of course, Carlson here nitpicking Abedin's objections to Trump's discriminatory remarks (is it racist, or anti-religion?) is not in any way rhetoric that will divide people…

  9. How ironic Alex Jones is comparing anyone to a hippo. If that isn't a case of calling the kettle black I've never seen one. Hard to believe people are stupid enough to pay any attention to what either of these two proven morons have to say.

    This just in: Alex Jones is being paid by the government to put forward false and misleading conspiracies to obfuscate the actual dirty deeds being carried out by the various shadow government groups. He's actually a gray alien in disguise, getting his orders directly from the lizard men who control this sector of the universe. (Yes, people who apparently have functioning brains actually believe shit like that.)

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