Sean Hannity Accidentally Tells The Truth About Tulsi Gabbard

After an look on Sean Hannity’s present, the Fox Information pundit endorsed Tulsi Gabbard as an ally and fellow conservative media member. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian focus on on The Younger Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“I agree Sean she is unquestionably a conservative”

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Sean Hannity Accidentally Tells The Truth About Tulsi Gabbard

31 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Accidentally Tells The Truth About Tulsi Gabbard”

  1. Ana was right. When the 2020 campaigning began, I was supporting Tulsi along with Warren and Bernie. I thought Ana was a bit hard, and was listening to Tulsi megaphone Kim Iversen's channel after she appeared on TYT.
    But when the pandemic began, Iversen went nutso with antiscience stances on covid, and continues to do so to this day along with the fake "left" at The Hill. In post-Bush years, TYT has been a little dramatic for my tastes, but I still check this channel daily for "real" news and the hosts here are morally grounded people not afraid to call out a snake.

  2. It should have been obvious to everyone that Tulsi is a conservative. She took forever to drop out of the 2020 dem primary. All she did was steal votes from Bernie

  3. 🙄 She’s been right wing from the git-go as far as I can tell. Maybe the fact that every right winger looking at the Democrat primary lineup kept saying that she was the only one they agreed with and/or would vote for. She sucked from the start! 🤨

  4. Tulsi is lying backstabber she knows that THIS inflation is around the world. She knows Biden has nothing in it.

    Tulsi can piss off all the way back to Russia.

  5. Tulsi is projecting the Republicans behavior onto the Democrats, it’s the Republicans who have no policies and oppose all legislation that actually benefits the Citizens. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Tulsi is without a sliver of credibility.

  6. Tulsi’s heel turn is still one of the most surprising and disappointing moments in my domestic political timeline. Can’t believe I ever fell for her ruse. An intellectually dishonest opportunist whose motives were long masked by a pretty face and her composed demeanor. As time goes on it’s really looking like Bernie was the one that got away. The hero we needed but don’t deserve.

  7. Tulsi is not even relevant anymore. She is not in congress and even when she was she was busy complaining and doing nothing. She is now looking for a gig at Fox News.

  8. Look up Umberto Eco's "List of the 14 Common Features of Fascism" (1997), and you'll see why there is no need for real policy in Trump's GOP.

  9. THE HYPOCRITE PARTY, that describes the GQP to a tee.
    They never offer legislation to help Americans, only the very rich, and vote down any legislation to help Americans by the Democrats.

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