Sean McDermott After Buffalo Bills' Week 10 Victory Over New York Jets

Head Coach Sean McDermott addressed the media after the 45-17 victory over the New York Jets on Sunday matters embrace; enhancing the working sport, each beginning defensive again having a take away, and improved purple zone effectivity.

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Sean McDermott (*10*) Buffalo Payments' Week 10 Victory Over New York Jets

22 thoughts on “Sean McDermott After Buffalo Bills' Week 10 Victory Over New York Jets”

  1. I love listening to Sean McDermott-calm, cool, no hyperbole-just calmly discusses places where the team could improve-never gets irritated by questions etc. Contrast this with that buffoon Rex Ryan who coached the Bills before McDermott–just a big blowhard-and that was reflected in the complete lack of discipline on the field. After the Bills defeated the Jets November 14-Ryan who is now a commentator ripped into the Jets head coach-saying he "doesn't know what he's doing" with the defense etc. I really believe Ryan wants another chance to coach the Jets

  2. Dear Sean,

    A championship team making a run for the Superbowl makes a point of winning every play. We have the ability to make every play special. Let's go make that run and let's turn it up a few notches on both sides of the ball. Let's get that magic! We're too good and we have too much talent. Let's sharpen our focus and go get this one for all of us! Let's Go Buffalo!

  3. Say it with me folks! PLAY BRIEDA MORE. every single snap he was on the field albeit a pass or run the offense looked FAR superior to when moss or singleterry was back there. Own up to your mistakes in the draft and play the best RB you have ffs.

  4. Hey! Thanks Sean! You put some lead blockers in on running plays and hey might want to think about some 2 back sets because you can do that out of shotgun and with QB over center formations too! Those 2 backs in the backfield can help block and also create lots of play action possibilities too!

  5. great game (still worry about the 0 line as Josh Allen was sacked a few times)—Buffalo just has to keep focused–very concerned about New England-they destroyed Cleveland today (a team that was supposed to have a great defense)-have to keep winning until the showdown Dec 13 and then 2 weeks later in NE-those 2 games will decide the AFC East title–hopefully, Tennessee will slip up so Buffalo could still get home-field advantage

  6. Nothing to do with this video or comment section, but some fans need to stop overreacting to last week against the Jags. I was very disappointed in how they played and had some questions myself, but this is just a very weird season as almost all of the top teams are losing against some bad games. I would like to see them beat some top opponents but they can't control who's on their schedule and I thought they played really well against the Jets.

  7. Today's game vs the jets was solid overall performance and the defense was also STELLAR 5 interceptions just Bearing down on the rookie white congratulations coach on a Job well Done Lets Go Buffalo Bills and Mafia!🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

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