Sharri Markson discusses ‘crucial’ interview with Donald Trump

Sky Information host Sharri Markson says it was “essential” to interview former US President Donald Trump on the origins of COVID-19.

The interview will go to air on September 20 throughout the Australian tv unique ‘What Actually Occurred in Wuhan’ at 8pm AEST on Sky Information on Foxtel and Sky Information Regional.

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Ms Markson advised Sky Information host Andrew Bolt she has been attempting to interview the previous president for “fairly a while”.

“Fortunately we had been lastly in a position to make this occur,” she stated.

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“I used to be very grateful that he gave us the time, he was very open, very accommodating, he answered the entire questions I had, and I did cross-examine him about when and the way the virus broke out in keeping with the data that was introduced to him.”

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Sharri Markson discusses ‘essential’ interview with Donald Trump

26 thoughts on “Sharri Markson discusses ‘crucial’ interview with Donald Trump”

  1. The media assassination of President Trump was and is nothing but disgusting, the leftist lunatics, just did not want him in office, for the simple fact that ne called it as he saw it. and then there is BIDEN, "GOD HELP US". When President Trump said that he was sure of Covid-19 coming from the Wuhan Lab, he was ridiculed by the media and the left, how spot on was President Trump now with Sharri Markson's documentary….. WELL DONE SHARRI, great job, if more journalists were like you.

  2. One basic FACT. Trump would still be president if he wouldn't have tweeted. You can't keep telegraphing your punches to your opponent, that's how you loose. A great man once said "Speak softly, and carry a big stick".

  3. I am old enough to remember when pathetic European leaders drooled all over Biden at the G7. They thought Mr. Money Bags Biden was their saviour after Trump cut them off. Then Biden betrayed them.

  4. Donald Trump speaks out against Biden. Wow, what a surprise. But of course it is important to know where Covid came from, if only to prevent other outbreaks. But equaly important it is to know why America's response was slow to say the least. All good and well to give it names like Kung Flu and China virus etc., you still had to deal with it. Something not done well by Trump.

  5. Yes Trump was privy to info from the IC, but he also got a lot of stuff from conspiracy mongers – which he often gave more credence to than his own advisers.

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