SHOCK CLAIM: Trump Had "Off the Books" Meetings to Circumvent Records Laws

–A San Francisco police officer who was suspended from his job for refusing to get vaccinated has died of COVID-19

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Broadcast on November 15, 2021

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SHOCK CLAIM: Trump Had "Off the Books" Meetings to Circumvent Records Laws

33 thoughts on “SHOCK CLAIM: Trump Had "Off the Books" Meetings to Circumvent Records Laws”

  1. The left wing media’s obsession with Trump will be the Dems downfall in 2022 and 2024. Fun fact we care more about healthcare, education and housing. Not whether a third rate Ex Trump employee is trying to sell a book. We are literally re- treading talking points from 6 years ago. WTAF😭😭😭😭

  2. Pump up the BS "news" David. Sell more sensationalism and dishonesty. Pretend that Obama, Biden, Bush, Clinton,…….didn't do the same thing. You're pathetic.

  3. Trump acted as if he were King and the US was his to use mis-use and ruin. Everyone was his to manipulate and abuse. He doesn't care about anything except his money ( or someone else's money) and his fragile ego.

  4. How can Republicans have the biggest lead for mid terms in 40 years when we keep hearing about all this BS and Republicans are the party of anti vaccinations?

  5. How many records were shredded during the lame duck period. That’s why the smooth transition never happened they didn’t want Democrats anywhere near whilst the clean up took place and the insurrection was being planned. Plus the slash and burn tactics to leave a wasteland for Democrats to take over

  6. I am legitimately afraid of another Trump presidency. I truly believe it could and probably would result in a civil war. I mean, we all know he is going to go full dictator and probably start killing people…

  7. I'm telling you all right now that Trump WILL NEVER face justice, nor will any of his evil henchmen. How naive must you be to expect that that will ever happen? This country STINKS OF SHIT.
    It is terminally and totally corrupt and evil. There is NO JUSTICE, there is NO SECURITY, never was, never will be. After Rittenhouse, etc., if you expect justice well you can forget it. I'm predicting that within six years the USA will completely succumb to Fascism and Totalitarianism, mark my words and see if I'm wrong in a couple of years. 2024 will be a nightmare year, I guarantee it. And spineless presidents like Joe Biden almost certainly guarantee that this will occur.

  8. These are hardly shocking. I thought we knew this even at the time, that he didn't want notes taken, that he ripped up any notes he had at hand, that his staff was incapable of keeping records. Did I just imagine this?

  9. Who would have thought Trump would abide by any kind of restriction because Trump entire life has been circumventing any and all norms to cheat the system so he can scam it.

  10. Damn! NO url! I need to post this video in comments on "The US Actually Knew Pearl Harbor Was Going to Happen?" The video says there was no proof from broken codes, but there were other ways to transmit information. FDR signed off on the atomic bomb the day before the attack and sent the aircraft carriers to MIdway with all the good planes aboard. The battleships and the "hangare queens" (took up room in the hangars needed by other planes for routine maintanance) were left to enrage the American public and get rid of junk. Roosevelt absolutely knew all about Pearl Harbor beforehand. He made too many wise decisions not to.

  11. Trump had off the books meetings with Putin- with Russian translators only- every time he he had a chance. So the only existing records of his treason are maintained in the Kremlin. That's how treason works.

  12. REALITY JAIL TV – Televise Treasonous Traitor Trump in a cell like a Capitol rioter.

    Capitol cops gave personal accounts and there is multiple rioter selfie video evidence.

    Cyber Ninja's election audit found more Biden votes.


  13. 3:47 – I hate that I have to continue pointing this out about a comment that the video isn't even about, and that people have been happy to overlook for years, but . . .
    there is a big difference between using a private email, and having a private email SERVER in your basement.

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