Shocking Revelations From Ex-Employee of Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s ex-employees reveal particulars about working setting created by Elon Musk. It is a very attention-grabbing story about Tesla, SpaceX working situation there. So, get pleasure from.


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Shocking Revelations From Ex-Employee of Elon Musk

43 thoughts on “Shocking Revelations From Ex-Employee of Elon Musk”

  1. What do you expect to be demmanded by a very smart man? He's brillant and have a lot of dreams and determination to pursue those dreams. If you gonna work with him you've got to be smart and work very hard. And if at some point you feel bad, you quit, so simple. I see nothing unexpected.

  2. Tesla stock price is to high, so he sells his stock crashing it, and everyone sells theirs losing money, then he buys up theirs cheap. This criminal should be jailed for life.

  3. Investments in insecure Patents..
    Not Labor..

    Keyword Investments..
    Like Tesla Patents.. 🤨
    Elon's a "Engineer"? 🤨
    Or is he a Investor? 🤨
    Maybe a Inspirator.. 🤨

    "Those" are Chosen by specific types of Qualities..

  4. What's shocking about Elon Musk being a very demanding boss? Nobody is condemned to be his employee. Those who don't like can leave at any moment. I would't like to work in such an environment, but I can understand that when someone has extremely high objectives, he has to push very hard to be successful. To think otherwise is childish.

  5. ironic that the four qualities that elon musk desires are the exact qualities of a kick ass entrepreneur. they won't last. visionaries like steve jobs make poor employees…

  6. One must instill a sense of self-driven motivation into the team. In my 34 year military career I've taken teams from failure to being the model of the best of the best. This is accomplished by setting those high goals, enforcing standards and peer pressure among the team to strive for excellence. This has proven to inspire integrity, loyalty and self-worth.

  7. Title should be "Rich man at birth uses that wealth to get even more rich off the backs of people smarter than him" LOL Elon is a joke and all you cultist who worship him like the second coming off Christ are the worst.

  8. Almost all westerners I meet are happy with big house , Big tv and Car…..So sad…..We are LILFS….Low intelligent life forms…That just care about Me…..I am From UK

  9. Most people i meet brag about getting away with doing very little ….an example of how lazy westerners are…..I am western too.. And witness this every day..

  10. I've learnt a hard lesson in work life, big hours are toxic, and now I just won't do them. job or no job, if it is a job worth having, then forty hours a week is plenty enough.

  11. So you guys are saying that Elon wants self starting, productive, and proud people working for him. Is this not what every company would like to have, but most people are not able to live up to this standard, because they are lazy and feel that they are owed a job.

  12. If Mr. ELON MUSK were an unreasonable tyrant of a boss or owner then why have all the geniuses flocked to his side?Surely men of such intellect would never suffer any type of abuse with so many options available to them?
    I'd go further and say that many of these geniuses in the employ of Elon MUSK would remain with him regardless of other offers as they share his vision and he leads by example ( 90hr work weeks when deadlines threaten)
    The shocking enormity of the success of Mr MUSK has I believed sent shockwaves through the highest echelons of our society ergo, they are putting stumbling blocks before him.

  13. Reign of fire scenerio is risky. I cant imagin myself mentoring angla merkel europian childrens:"if we wake up what do we do? Look for our penis. And if its small what do we do? Try to make a lot of money for our fathers sins. And if its big and poor what do we do?? Runnnn awayyyyyy and never look back!!!!!! Run away to our precious mother,the europian doctrine. I am just saying…welcome to westworld…

  14. Eion, that ratched dragon is coming..if you send out more " beckons of hope it will signal our demise". The leviathan is earth's colony overlord and overseer, the era of reclamation has began; we must understand that atlantis was destroyed before the flood as it reached almost the highest pick of bio organic technology. When we reach bridge 3 that dragon will descend upon us yet agaim…we must be prepared…the reign of fire is imminant. Hold down your horses with mars project…alien life form contact is dangerous…and the specification resides over alpha drakonis species. I schall unfold the real story of the flood.
    after the great reemergance of the landscape…we subdued hominids for our genetic leisure of experimantation purposes. It turned out to be hazardous, as hibreeds started getting the upperhand over humanity and left nothing but a barren nature. And of course letting one of those abominations get close to eden's secret would have ment also universal destruction. Enki used forbiddin chromosom 25 and created abominations, but the initial intention was to create another seraph world for bio organic entities such as me which will keep human slave population at bay by teaching them the fondementals.

  15. Can you publish the data how many of the employees are now millionaires due to the Tesla shares being given as part of their recruiting bonus. Say the pros and cons. I understand they have a problem with employees discrimination and harassment. This’s a problem for the HR department. It’s good if Elon takes interest and address the problem. You and I know it exists in all private and government departments and needs to be addressed. I too was at the receiving end in the California state sector. No one can eliminate it but can take steps to meet justice to the victim and punish the offenders.

  16. Anyone who works in manufacturing should know this. Almost every salary person I work with works 50+ hours a week. Many are working over 60 and 7 days a week. Hourly employees are working mandatory overtime as well. He started a billion dollar company, I’m certain he knows what it takes and if you want to be part of it, you better meet the criteria and help advance the business. No reason employees should be part of a profitable organization if they aren’t contributing.

  17. getting people to work more than 40 hours is abuse ? there are times a group must "surge" like in military operation, or companies with an urgent deadline . I see a lot of nurse working 12 on /12 off , a grueling schedule.. of course Elon does not like unions

  18. If anyone saw my favorite movie…GUNG HO….Micheal Keaton…good ruck wit ur knew position….it was a glimpse of Japan work ethics in comparison to America….it was quite a comedy….but that was Japan….China is probably work twice as hard as that movie portrays and I'm sure. Musk is more than well aware…and it doesn't seem ethical that is the competition and if u are gonna play a game building cars and miscellaneous global products…that is sadly a bench mark….for example….I would believe Musk philosophy is to stay a notch above competing price why if u have a product that others don't the cost gives u a little freedom…..cooperation globally would make life and work and earth a more efficient and fun play to live….watch ghe movie….Gung ho ….and get rots of raffs

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