Should the 49ers Trade Kyle Shanahan to the Las Vegas Raiders?

Grant Cohn discusses whether or not the San Francisco 49ers ought to commerce Kyle Shanahan to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Should the 49ers Trade Kyle Shanahan to the Las Vegas Raiders?

46 thoughts on “Should the 49ers Trade Kyle Shanahan to the Las Vegas Raiders?”

  1. They can have him ur good Niner Gang for life were good either way were doing the same we've always done were good a few yrs then were bad a few years Niner Gang

  2. Niner fans are delusional thinking ANY team would give them anything for a loser coach who's won more than 6 games once In 4 seasons lmao…what's next…are the niner fans thinking they can trade away Garopolos sorry ass for some 1st rd picks too?….dumbasses gave up hella 1st rd picks for nothing really….now they want them back….good luck

  3. kYLE needs to go and take his trash of OC with him Mike McDaniel Jimmy G better never start another game for us how an the hell is he still around 1 good season and with all this talent and you tell me you can’t build an OL AND Draft some young CB And let’s not talk about MR 99 problems Javon Kinlaw we past up ceedee lamb to get this trash and trade Buckner to get him John Lynch got to be smoking cookies stuff just not adding up

  4. Only thing I don’t like about being a 49ers fan is how liberal the fans are, and I usually side with grant on his takes, but it’s crazy to me people forgot about time,and how what a person says a decade ago dosent define them as who they are today,while I’m not defending what he said or talked about you can clearly see he has changed by openly supporting Carl nassib and saying Darren Waller is “one of the best players I have ever coached”

  5. I bet the Shanahans have some questionable emails floating around out there. Both Mike and Kyle are suspect. How ironic that they were hired by Washington to coach that team. Wouldnt be surprised if they are connected is some way with this Gruden shit. Jay Gruden as well.


  7. If your a real faithful fan who’s actually watching this process take place… Kyle does not want to be here.. Kittle does not want to be here.. & jimmy can’t stay here. Week in & week out it’s only gonna get worse.. it gets worse before it gets better. Grant is right. For the future of this team we must rebuild. We will be lucky to win 6 games this year & I bet those games will be nail bitters. Our offense is compromised. We could have Brady & still wouldn’t win with the play calling Kyle is showing. Think with your mind not your feelings. Have a good day faithful

  8. The Gruden situation was an incredibly instructive moment. For all young kids being bullied by the jocks in school you now know if you want to make them break down into tears at your feet you just need to find it within yourself to use some untoward PG-13 language.

  9. Riddle me this Grantman.
    What was the team being investigated that got all the email on Gruden? Who was the Head coach, and the OC of the time window of said investigation? What was the color of the QB who's career was ruined, and what was the color of the QB whose career was elevated? Also didn't we just watch a repeat of a first round rookie get their knee blown up by that former OC 🤔

  10. Kyle needs to go. He’s failing miserably right now. Make Demeco Ryan’s coach and see how he does for the rest of year. I bet Demeco won’t be having Aiyuk on the bench. And I bet Sherfield would be getting more snaps as well. Kyle loves playing his former players Sanu and Benjamin that are clearly washed up. It’s time for a change.

  11. I was thinking that same thing.
    weird how I wasn't feeling Grant at all but the last couple weeks he has made quite a bit of sense.
    after all- it was Gruden that gave Gomer him his first job in Tampa.
    package a trade with McGlinchey to LV- send Kittle off somewhere else in the AFC like Denver- waive Jimmy- save about $50MM- collect some picks in the process and start over.

    I could live with that but I would want DeMeco to stay- so that and 3 pennies will get you a nickel…

  12. If we trade Kyle it would have to be for multiple 1rst round picks and a few more not trying to over hype him but that seems relevant and then we hire a fresh collage coach or something

  13. Yes trade him ASAP. 2 1st rd picks to the Raiders dont even think twice about it. Its time now before Lance gets tainted the rest of his career. Bring in a head coach that actually knows how to be a head coach. Shaw!

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