Should the Celtics Trade Tatum or Brown? | The Mismatch | The Ringer

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor and Chris Vernon break down the Celtics’ newest collapse in opposition to the New York Knicks and the feedback made by coach Ime Udoka after the sport about the workforce’s lack of management. They then talk about whether or not or not the workforce ought to commerce one in all their younger stars, Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum.

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Should the Celtics Trade Tatum or Brown? | The Mismatch | The Ringer

36 thoughts on “Should the Celtics Trade Tatum or Brown? | The Mismatch | The Ringer”

  1. I say trade both of them. They never was on the same page as team mates. Al is way pass his prime. Brown is toooo lazy n Tatum looks lost 70% of the time. And omg wave Smart already, He's trash🗑. Now Boston looks like a poorly run franchise. If I was the Celtics I would trade Tatum to the knicks and get back Randal, Kimba n Knox. I say start tanking fast and try to get a high lottery pick. What a waste of 2 years 🙄 smh

  2. I guess i disagree with trading or Brown for multiple players because it might lower their ceiling.. i think they should go for at least one great player also to keep Tatum or Brown in the future.

  3. Remember when everything was kyrie fault? Thought the Celtics would've won 2 rings by on, Tatum and brown weren't being held back kyrie, funny how things play out.

  4. it’s always worrying when someone tries to make a situation better by getting rid of the most talented people on the roster. i can assure you that the issue with the celts is not brown or taytum. it’s the over all lack of talent. the NBA is loaded. two great players cannot carry 10 average players to 50 wins.

  5. Trading Ben for JB is foolish we'd need more shooting immediately as grant will be the best shooter smh JB FOR KAT OR DAME what ever other players necessary and try to get Ben other ways

  6. There have been promising flashes of change this year. Specifically, when Tatum was absent, for good stretches in several games, the team actually looked good, moving the ball and themselves around. Tatum too is making an effort to pass out of double teams, but he still has not figured out how to take one dribble and immediately move himself or the ball. That is why with him on the court, the team still looks stagnant. Also, when the game gets tight, both Brown and Tatum still try to solo, instead of doubling down on what is working during good stretches.
    It is obvious that the good changes came from the new coaching staff, so kudos to Ime and his team for that. However, the same coaching staff still have not figured out how to get consistent execution out of the players. Also, Ime is continuing Brad's questionable tradition of playing small when the game slows down. Since the game slows down toward the end of the quarters, and especially toward the end of the game, the Celtics are having hard time resolving. I have no clue why Grant does not close the games instead of Schroder (if they also must play Smart).
    Overall, this progress should not be ignored and in the long run, with several small corrections, the team should be OK.
    Giving the new coaching staff half a year and expecting miracles is too optimistic. Usually, the initial changes make the overall appearance worse before a true turnaround. In that same context, trading Brown or Tatum away makes even less sense.

  7. What does this team need? Everything. A pg, another big, shooters, a new coach, young players who don't stink. The reality of why this this team is so depressing is because there is no easy or even possible fix. They will continue to be mediocre and infuriating for years to come and there's no fixing it. When people talk about breaking up the Jays it's not to make us better. It's to make us worse, and different, with the hope of eventually being better. Look at Toronto; they stunk for one year and now they're building something interesting with Scottie Barnes. Of course the Celtics won't make any big moves and will continue to tread water while being nearly impossible to watch without anti-depressants. I mean, this is the team that fired their head coach by making him the GM, come on.

  8. Y’all are bugging. It’s roster construction that’s failed for the Celtics this year at the PG position and bench production has been abysmal. Danny Ainge did a fkn Antonio Brown on us and left us with a tattered squad that gave away Terry Rozier for an aging Kemba Walker, and Gordon Hayward for basically nothing. So no, I don’t split the Js, b/c if you do, what you get in return will only move the ladder horizontally not vertically. And on the flip side, if any of the Js go to a playoff-bound team (like Philly or Toronto, or Miami, etc.), you better believe their stock will increase dramatically with one of those players.

  9. Tatum and Brown may not be good enough to win on their own. Kinda like Ayton and Booker. Or Towns and whoever. Sometimes you need a third guy cause your top 2 is not good enough.

    Lavine and DeRozan have a lot of help from Lonzo and Vucevic.

    Still the celtics shouod not be below 500.
    They have also missed a lot of games to covid and injury and have a new coach.

    They need to give it this season and add what they need in the offseason

  10. “Not a learned trait”? Watch Giannis a couple years ago & compare him to now or Derozan…. Or even LeBron over the years. These guys are in their early 20s. Even Jordan had to learn this ( I watched every MJ game from year 2 through his final Bulls game)

  11. Leadership is missing clearly. The coach can be the leader as he hasn't made Tatum (still taking step back 3s and missing defensive assignments) and Smart (looked out of shape and made casual mistakes) accountable for their slack offs, while he made strange substitutions and odd lineups. He also hasn't shown any terrific ATO plays like Stevens had. So Udoka needs to step up or his team will loose faith in him. There is also the personal accolades in star contracts that affected Tatum & Brown though Brown is still playing the right way & good D on top players of the other teams as Tatum has been missing defensive assignments regularly (contracts incentives tend to gear towards offense and all NBA kind of achievements instead of defense) Also too much contrast between Stevens achievements vs rookie coach, which is a bit unfair. But we need to be realistic here.

    I'd not trade Brown as he is the better player than Tatum as he is top defender and has been playing the right way all this time, win or lose. Tatum's issues already mentioned above. Clearly maturity issue not ability. Great basketball players are not just about scoring but playing both ends, improve every yr, and sacrifice. I don't see that in Tatum. Kids will have hard time facing all these glamours in the league and media.

  12. As a Celtics fan, I am happy Udoka is calling out the Celtics. I love it. No one is talking about the elephant in the room that Brad Stevens as a coach was the reason Tatum and Brown formed alot of bad habits. He was too soft to enforce anything and constantly saying empty quotes like "I want them to be the best version of themselves". 8 years as a coach forming bad habits takes a long while to undo. Ime Udoka on the other hand wants to correct it right now, and it's not easy. We are seeing the growing pains. He wants to challenge Tatum and Brown to be better than they are, be better leaders, and I'm loving it. Everyone acting like Brad Stevens is not to blame in a majority of this is funny to me

  13. The C’s are going to be underwhelming with those two guys. Remininsce of Portland with Dame and CJ. Some people just don’t jell, or translate into victories regarding of their talent level. Think Embiid/Simmons too.

  14. Brown for Beal? Beal and Tatum get to play together. With Tatum being able to be little brother to Beal, assuming you're convinced that Tatum does need to play second fiddle. Boston loses defense, for sure, but maybe the leadership is more important? Brown gets to go to a team with a strong and deep young core where he would also be the clear #1 option.

  15. It's all good and dandy bout winning games now but in the playoffs I need stars not role players look at the wizards 1 star it started good but now look at them even Knicks 1 star and a bunch of good guys it wont work in the playoffs celtics needed to get a ball or Rubio rondo c Paul type of player but needs a player thats proven and Tatum and Jaylen will respect hold them accountable yea we need c Paul but if you trade 1 it has to be for a star so maybe a Tatum for Lillard &mcullom and only Tatum because he could probably fetch both not Jaylen

  16. that rumor trade makes sense for everyone
    Boston Celtics Receive: Terence Davis, De'Aaron Fox, Philadelphia's 2022 first-round pick (top-five protection), 2024 first-round swap (via Philadelphia)

    Philadelphia 76ers Receive: Jaylen Brown, Juan Hernangomez

    Sacramento Kings Receive: Ben Simmons, Jaden Springer, 2023 first-round swap (via Philadelphia)

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