Steve Kerr And Doc Rivers Share IDIOTIC Kyle Rittenhouse Takes | Think It's "Dangerous" For America


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Steve Kerr And Doc Rivers Share IDIOTIC Kyle Rittenhouse Takes | Think It's "Harmful" For America

28 thoughts on “Steve Kerr And Doc Rivers Share IDIOTIC Kyle Rittenhouse Takes | Think It's "Dangerous" For America”

  1. Doc Rivers did cry about Jacob Blake and he also said that if the rioters on January 6th were black they would have all been killed by police in the biggest massacre ever.

  2. The same day that Lebron shared the Jacob Blake edited video. Was the day the local Kenosha Post released the story about Jacob Blake breaking 500ft curfew and police came in to protect the woman and her children. Also reporting there was a warrant for his arrest over a felony.

  3. Yet not one of the social justice racists want to talk about cannon hinnant Rowan Sweeney Noah Leslie cash gernon, all 5 year olds executed at point blank range, cash though was gutted with a pocket knife thrown in a pile of trash

  4. If you love Liberty and if you have integrity, then you’d have to give up the nba and the nfl. If you don’t give them up, you’re easily controlled and that’s sad.

  5. Can we please make our own schools, sports, movies, internet, restaurants, hospitals, etc… just defund these people? Like hopefully Kyle will defund the media!!

  6. Like Dave Chapel said, "The 1st amendment is first for a reason, the 2nd is in case the 1st didn't work out…" When the social contract breaks down (Failure of gov to protect), things fall back to natural law. It is not vigilantism, it's survival. With all the resources available to the people making misinformed statements, there are several documentaries available on alternate platforms that tell a fairly complete multicamera, multi-eyewitness account of the events authored by independent producers. It seems that empathy is lacking. It is amazing how close the kid was to the police line at the end as he walks towards them with his hands up only to be yelled at to get out of the way. There is a native american saying "Don't judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes."

  7. The “dangerous path” line could be used by either side correct? I believe the dangerous path is that civil unrest (riots) went uncontrolled in a city because law enforcement was either unable or unwilling to maintain the peace. Therefore innocent people suffered great loss. That, IMO is a dangerous path.

  8. If you truly believe a black man doesn't have the right to self-defense then that's where you need to focus for change. You don't demand an innocent kid be convicted as a counterbalance.

  9. Jacob Blake got what was coming to him. If the cop didn’t do everything in his power to stop a violent criminal from abducting kids I would recommend the cop be lined up against the wall.

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