The Biggest Issue with 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan’s Leadership

Grant Cohn and Jack Hammer talk about the most important problem with San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s management.

The Biggest Issue with 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan’s Leadership

15 thoughts on “The Biggest Issue with 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan’s Leadership”

  1. Kyle is bad. There is NO REASON and I mean NO REASON aiyuk isn't starting he us out best WR. Kyle is so trash im so over kyle seriously. This organization has suckrd for so long. YORK give the fans something to cheer for please

  2. Kyle Shanahan and lynch are playing Benjamin and Sanu over Aiyuk. That’s a disgrace!! He’s better than both of them combined. Plus Kyle spent a first rounder on Aiyuk and had him as his #1,#2 WR in the draft.

  3. Kyle doesn’t do anything right, he’s awful in every aspect of being a HC. Fun fact; chip Kelly has a higher winning % in the NFL than Kyle Shanahan. Do what you want with that lol.

  4. Before the season starts, did he send message to 49ers that I don’t mind who is the starter QB ? 49ers signed some experience NFL running back, but he starts a rookie RB, it is weird. Kittle was not healthy, so why he wants Jimmy throw 40 yards to Kittle ? There are a lot of questions for him. Last season I was shocked to see rookie QB Herbert of Chargers, he threw the ball with speed and accurate, I believe Lance can do that too, don’t feel sorry for him if he gets fire after this season.

  5. He's doing EXACTLY what he did WRONG IN DC, and ATL, HERE 😱.. From running QB's into the ground, to blown Superbowl leads. Get him OUT OF HERE 😭😭

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