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Q: Am i able to duel you?
A: Yeah, simply take part on the stay streams or my video games once I Host open lobbies!

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(ship it as a yrp file)

Q: The place do you purchase your playing cards
A: I virtually by no means purchase playing cards, I do nonetheless work with a terrific firm that does! Be at liberty to test them out at

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Q: The place do i obtain/play Yugioh on-line? Is it Free?
A: I play on utilizing 2 functions DevPro, and Dueling Community
[Link to both tutorials on those] (each are free, you do not pay for playing cards)

Fan/Subscriber mail/Enterprise P.O Field
DeeDee (Azneyes Aka Slaydra)
P.O Field 1977
Nipomo CA 93444

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Thanks for watching! and have one! 🙂 (by the best way, in case your not already, subscribed you must 🙂 trigger i want tons $ to persuade sasha gray to put on a duel disk, and say “its time to duel”.


38 thoughts on “THE DONALD TRUMP DECK!”

  1. I summon, Chris JERICHOOOOO!!!

    My monster can automatically destroy any number of cards from your field, hand and deck with Wall in their names. For each card destroyed you will take 1000 LP dmg.

    You LP reached zero and that's as much over as it can get.

  2. Donald Trump can only win with the card Blue-Eyes Trump Dragon, one tuner one non-tuner Trump card. Can be used to summon 2 Great Wall tokens. (Special effect – Makes Yu-Gi-Oh great again)

  3. I have a new suggestion for a card and ruling you have to apply when playing Trump Deck. Add 1 Catnipped Kitty into the deck. The rule: If the pussy gets grabbed by someone who isn't Trump, as in, leaves your field by any means including taken control of and attached with some thing like Silent Honor Ark's effect, you lose immediately.

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