The Making of Elon Musk Animated Pixel Portrait – Part 6

On this last video, I’m going over the previous few facial animation sequences, in addition to the smoke cloud on the finish and the way I wrapped all of it up. Thanks everybody for watching!

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The Making of Elon Musk Animated Pixel Portrait – Part 6


18 thoughts on “The Making of Elon Musk Animated Pixel Portrait – Part 6”

  1. Such a great series, thanks for sharing your skills! Dividing to 6 parts was great, the duration of around 15 minutes is ideal, I think. There were so many things you showed, and it felt not too rushed. You managed to keep the viewer's attention the whole time. Showing the detailed working process and the thoughts behind it was so valuable. Thank you very much, I hope you will keep releasing more stuff like this.

  2. Awesome job! 6 parts is ok 😀 i wanna see Miyazaki one but probably you didnt recorded it right? and also "Aseprite" have Onion Skin so its easier for animate inbetweens. <3

  3. Very cool! So nice to see the full process, thanks for sharing! Have you ever tried Aseprite? I use it for Pixel art and the animation tools are quite nice, similar to Adobe Animate I found. 😀 Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Greatness. The process and info that you've shared are super helpful. I'd love to see more. Even just talking about your previous animations would be awesome to hear.

  5. 2 or 3 part would certainly be better, because you already did the longer 6 part one. I think that if you will do more of these you will decide what should be spent more time on and what not. It depends in which direction you want to push these. You could make almost tutorials and how you can use these techniques to do this animation, or maybe you want to make these for people to follow your thought process, maybe you want to make just updates on what you are doing and maybe sharing some things you learned in which case you probably want just one part. Either way it was fun to watch and helped a lot. Looking foreward to more "Making of" videos.

  6. Learned a lot, thx man. Wish I knew after effects though. It looks so confusing!
    It might be good to upload the full length version as one video too, but not sure if you’d have to edit out the intro/outfits? Anyway, looking forward to the next in this series of animations!

  7. Thank you so much for posting this process, that was fascinating. Your animations are really inspiring and hyping me up to work on my own animations, I can't wait to see more videos from you 🙂
    Can I ask how long this whole animation took you to make?
    And btw, if I remember correctly, there should be an onion skin option in one of the arrows in the top right corner of the Photoshop timeline.

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