The Many MLMs of Donald Trump |Multi Level Mondays

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Welcome to Multi Level Mondays, a weekly collection all about multi stage advertising, pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes.

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The Many MLMs of Donald Trump |Multi Level Mondays

34 thoughts on “The Many MLMs of Donald Trump |Multi Level Mondays”

  1. Hey huns!!
    Do you want to own the libs?
    Do you want to get the Mexicans out
    And Do you want to be a real boss babe that makes America great again?
    All you have to do is join my downline and enlist your friends!!
    This Is a great opportunity so don't waste it!!!

    – Donald

  2. I was with ACN in 1996. Back then you could "join" for $60 as a rep and sign customers on the Long distance plans but you had to "upgrade" for $500 to waht they called a "Field Trainer" if you wanted to build you downline. I was great at getting customers and I actually made my investment back over time but , I could not get one person to join the business. I'm glad it didn't work out because I would have felt terrible for dragging anyone else into it! Especially years later when Trump got involved.

  3. Donald Trump always goes for the short term gain. He doesn’t have the attention span to look down the road and see how this might play out. That was certainly true in his political career. It was true in his business career also. He would liscence his name to anyone who would pay. A number of these shady businesses cost him more in legal fees than they ever paid him. A good example was that phony real estate school. It doesn’t surprise me that he was mixed up in mlms. Who thought he was a good idea?

  4. My husband has been pitched ACN so many times! We live in Utah, so are familiar/have been pitched at least 2/3 of the companies on your play list. I always hated this one because no one ever even tried to get us to sign up to buy anything only to con our families into buying from us. At least the other ones try to get me to buy their overpriced crappy products first.

  5. Silhouette Solutions claims are grounded in a kernel of good science, but they go hard off the rails.
    The solution is to stop eating processed garbage food and cut sugar and simple carbohydrates from your diet, not buy their expensive garbage!

  6. Up until he decided to run for president, Trump's endorsement was highly sought after. He got paid a lot to praise things that he had never heard of. ACN being a prime exmple.

  7. My dad and mom were in ACN when they were still together. We actually went to Phoenix for an ACN convention thingy. I was really little so I don’t remember much other than my mom bribing me with a mint aero bar to be quiet. We still have ACN pens to this day

  8. Okay, I'mma quickly get over myself before I continue watching this video: Who let that mutated, talking MLM orange become president?

    And now that that's outta my system, I'mma watch on.

  9. hi. i was an IBO(victim) of acn’s predatory marketing and deceptive claims and in the process i lost all of my 500$ + tax investment and i made my mom and stepdad change their internet and phone service for acn and i tried so hard and got shamed and brainwashed into thinking it was my fault the only downline i managed to get claimed refund after 10 days this pyramid sheme company is a really toxic cult.

  10. Trump is shit at business and always has been. I mean, when I was a kid in the 80s, the people around me all considered him a joke, a wannabe, and a never-was, just trading off the name and wealth of his father. Then he managed to bankrupt a casino of all things. Nevermind how he shafted contractors left and right…. >_<

  11. Actually he only had one that was setup by others using his name. He endorsed the spirit of what he wanted it to accomplish. It was ended after he was shown the problems.

    This is absolutely just a hit job by this youtuber who hates being wrong about everything Trump. She should know that Trump saved the jobs of many employers and businesses. Thousands of businesses he successfully saved. Of course you don't want people to save the business, which is his attempt everytime he buys a failing business.

    For shame for your dishonest and wholy low factual content. Your hyberbably is being used to harm truth and integrity.

  12. A court loss this morning for Trump. The 2nd Court ruled he and his family can't force a current lawsuit into arbitration that accuses them of fraud in promoting a multi-level marketing company. this according to posts on twitter.

  13. you sure spend a lot of time trying to use facts and logic in order to not lose the trump supporters views. just a word of warning, they cannot be swayed with reason or logic. to them this is a two sided war and youre either with or against them. they dont care whether or not you have preconceived notions, if you show trump in a bad light you are the enemy. look how fast they turned on mike pence.

  14. Either Trump is stupid or he’s a crook; because he’s not a good businessman; he’s either so dumb that he’s constantly making bad business decisions or he’s knowingly getting involved with shady business deals in order to grift people there’s no room for nuance

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