The Motives Behind 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan’s Questionable Decisions

Grant Cohn discusses the motives behind San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s questionable selections.

The Motives Behind 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan’s Questionable Decisions

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20 thoughts on “The Motives Behind 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan’s Questionable Decisions”

  1. This might be pulling it but I think it might have something to do with race kyle never encourages him or anything same with kittle and he also passed on two elite black qbs 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. It's simple really. Poor drafting the team hasn't evolved at all. They havent even added good veteran pieces in FA. Bad decisions like getting rid of Buckner and Eman Sanders to save money. Paying guys like Armstead and Kittle superstar money for average results. Kyle has young talent that should be given the reigns instead he treats them like they arent good enough to play in his offense. Kyle is a good schemer but a terrible leader of men. His place should he as an OC taking orders not making them.

  3. Ok Give me your head coaching candidates right now ? The front office just needs to address the issues that they didn't address last few years ..and that's the secondary right side of the line n a deep threat WR

  4. Playing devil's advocate, let's say Shanahan did believe Jimmy G gave them the best chance for a playoff berth at a minimum. At what point in the previous 4 weeks of scoring 7 points or less did think that maybe the offense needs more fire in the 1st half?

    You needed nearly the whole 1st half to score on the Eagles and Packers with one of those made by Trey Lance. The Seahawks got scored on in the first possession then a huge drought until Lance came in the 2nd half.

    Is Shanahan sure the playcalling is fine? Is he sure Jimmy G gives them the best chance?

  5. SIMPLE.. He hasn't evolved in his philosophy.. The other 3 coaches in the division apparently have 🤭. I don't know what team EVER made the PLAYOFFS, that was in LAST PLACE.. Unfortunately, we may be there awhile 😒..

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