The NBA gets BLASTED for supporting RIOTERS in an IDIOTIC tweet after Kyle Rittenhouse verdict!

The NBA gets BLASTED for supporting RIOTERS in an IDIOTIC tweet after Kyle Rittenhouse verdict!

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The NBA gets BLASTED for supporting RIOTERS in an IDIOTIC tweet after Kyle Rittenhouse verdict!

45 thoughts on “The NBA gets BLASTED for supporting RIOTERS in an IDIOTIC tweet after Kyle Rittenhouse verdict!”

  1. My man!! What can and do you expect from THE
    Bye luv and best
    Ishmael "El Ishbo" Diaz

  2. The fact that they use a basketball league to talk about social justice, and cancel games for nothing that had nothing to do with the sport or the arena the game is played at. So the NBA is a political party now?!

  3. It has been said multiple times but after this, we really need to send a message to the WokeBA!
    Don't watch the games! Don't buy tickets! Don't buy their products!
    Let's turn things around! We are the customers! We are the Fans! Let's show them who's the boss!
    Nuff Said!

  4. I have not watched a single second of a freaking NBA basketball game in over 2 seasons. 1st the product is awful, iso ball, zero defense garbage is boring as hell to watch . 2nd likeable NBA stars are few and far between and putting LeBronda forward as the role model was the death nail in the NBA coffin not to mention the talking heads they stick a microphone in front of…its all just awful

  5. The NFL and NBA should retire from political and social justice "activism." Why would the NBA comment on the Rittenhouse trial? I'm wonder did the NFL or any other league comment on the OJ verdict years ago? Probably not. Why the need weigh in on every issue today? If the leagues need issues to support, stick to neutral issues like saving the whales, cleaning up oceans and waterways. Donate time and money to help local and national humane/animal charity groups. Build housing in league cities for homeless. Donate money for tutors and enrichment programs for students. So many good causes out here that would bring the leagues far more goodwill than being a whore to the Woke/SJW mafia.

  6. Disgusting quote. There was nothing peaceful about those riots. They just choose to ignore the truth. These people don’t seem to realize how stupid they have made themselves look.

  7. Woke=broke. When will all these “professional” spots leagues understand that the majority of Americans aren’t with this woke shit. Even many Democrats I know have said they’re voting Republican when mid-terms come around, a few of the answers I got when I asked them why were: Biden lied about his true agenda, they are struggling because cause of how high the cost of gas and food has gotten, their party being directly associated with BLM rioters and and the “woke” nonsense is embarrassing them (believe it or not there are some Democrats with good morals), they don’t like how the far left essentially runs the party right now and voting red is the only way to stop them and block their agenda, and they don’t want their children taught critical race theory. If even Democrats are starting to see the truth, the far left socialist idiots that are trying to ruin our country are going to have to change their stance to save face and keep the party together or risk dividing their own party to the point the damage won’t be reparable any time soon and another Presidential win will be off the table till the next generation unifies them and takes them back to the Democratic policies they used to be were they atleast look like they care about the country and the people they serve.

  8. Deport the NBA and everyone who has a season ticket don't care about their feelings, because they cannot be trusted. If they don't want to go death penalty

  9. A skateboard wielding BLM/Antifa rioter in Dallas killed someone by hitting them in the head with a skateboard while a group of thugs beat and kicked and stomped the victim to death

  10. The real questions should be when is law enforcement going to go after the criminals in government positions and the mass media propaganda networks?? And Antifa/BLM rioters when??

  11. Well if these "heroes" were just "peacefully protesting" why would they call kyle a vigilante? A vigilante goes after criminals, and they keep on talking about what fine upstanding people they all were, so why would a vigilante go after "peaceful protesters". I mean for christ sake, their own narrative never makes any damn sense lol. You have to be painfully stupid to not see the constant contradictions. All the stupid is making the freaking room spin

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