The Plot Against The President

The true story of how Congressman Devin Nunes uncovered the operation to carry down the President of the US. Following the e book The Plot Against the President by investigative journalist Lee Smith, this characteristic size documentary explores new data and extra interviews because the case unfolds.

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The Plot Against The President

34 thoughts on “The Plot Against The President”

  1. Maybe. But Trump had businesses in Russia since the 80s. He did not strictly cover it up, but he was a long way from disclosing it. And took complete legal advantage of innate presidential conflicts of interest. Plus he taught a generation that lying is A-OK.

  2. The people most I want to see go down are the "Top brass" in D.O.J., Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Clapper, Rosenstein..etc.
    More than Hillary even.
    They destroyed our D.O.J. credibility.

  3. I haven't seen yet, but haven't doubted a bit of it since 2016.
    They all should be charged with conspiracy to commit treason on a U.S. President & the U.S.of America.
    I wish I could rent a theatre a pay for every doubter to watch it.
    MAGA 🇺🇸👍

  4. It's amusing isn't it? They prosecute General Flynn…for nothing. And General Milley is treated like a hero, even with blood on his hands. And NOW…..Hillary's lawyer has been indicted. They don't even care if you know what they are doing anymore.

  5. I mean accusing them that was secret right deal with devil here I mean there people speaking telaptic one another using electronic communicate sound wave cross country you can be home speak in your mind how is national kept secret from enemy #2 electronic communicate stalking data hack wifi harss you family reading your mind see what you doing thinking expose you in way hidden tactic from enemy that might happen

  6. This movie is made for the far right.
    Nobody in the center or to the left would give this the time of if they’re going to feature Matt Gaetz, Giuliani, jim jones and ect driving the narrative. Those people are pretty biased.

  7. I am rewatching this again and it’s been a while………..

    It is just the opening credits and I am already freaking out!!

    It is so easy to forget the small details in the tidal wave of bullshit! Lol!

    Like, wasn’t yesterday Jim Jordan was just got kicked off the security investigation for Jan 6?

    How appropriate. Again.

    Nancy Pelosi and everyone like her are working for evil. The entire world sees through them.

    Just a few of the Democrats from the left clinging to slavery again. Lol!

  8. 4 th worst president in US history. Allied nations set off fireworks, Church bells and literally danced in the street when Trump lost.
    Nothing but complete garbage and lies without proof. Wait let me guess.. They will release it in 2 weeks just like they said they would… 7 months ago…….

  9. NPR has gone full Leftist Cult.
    It's so sad – I remember listening to NPR most days on my way to work, back in 2005 or so. Now it's pure propaganda. Simply stenographers for the Demonrat Party.

  10. This right here is all the evidence u need to see how corrupt Washington is. Especially the democrats. Trump truly was cleaning out the corruption

  11. US MSM: Go ahead drink the Kool-aid.
    Sheep: mmm tasty!!
    The rest of us:………
    US Voter: not nazis… just willing to abuse elders…
    The Rest of the World: we will just take those voter rights and put them on the fridge until you can be trusted to make better choices.

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