The Story Behind Femboy Hooters

What’s up with Femboy Hooters?
Please remark if extra about this meme’s origins.

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#Femboys #Hotdogs

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The Story Behind Femboy Hooters

33 thoughts on “The Story Behind Femboy Hooters”

  1. I have a weird fantasy: thanks vs super man vs cloud vs link vs sonic vs Spider-Man vs master chief vs death Vader and I get to fly around and watch with the nano gauntlet, a lightsaber and a Ben 10 watch

  2. I'm sorry, but that's not even a good Photoshop.
    How do you screw up outlining on text? That's like the most simple thing to do.
    It just looks like whoever made the image cropped the word "Femboy" from somewhere else, and lazily pasted it on to the image. I'm talking like "Magic wand, click, delete, done".
    Didn't even touch it up at all so it actually looks good.

  3. This meme always gave me that nagging feeling at the back of my head, that it was just asking for trouble. When femboys get put in the spotlight, the people who fetishize us and the degenerates who haven't felt the touch of a woman let alone a femboy add fuel to a repulsive fire. Wannabes aspire to the false stereotypes created by idiots and incels, and real femboys are just like any other dude personality wise going "Bruh, what the fuck are you doing? I know you ain't trying to be one of us acting like that." It just always bothered me, people need to get their heads out of their asses and stop projecting their fantasies onto us.

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