The Trouble with 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan in Big Games

Grant Cohn explains the difficulty with San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan in massive video games.

The Trouble with 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan in Big Games

19 thoughts on “The Trouble with 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan in Big Games”

  1. Yall ever seen the movie Tin Cup, Kevin Costners character is about to win the US Open, but he wants to muscle the ball over the water instead of taking the easy lie, he finally gets it but loses the Major Championship. That's how I felt about watching the Superbowl, when Troy freaking Aikman, who I hate as a diehard 49ers fan, says after that 2nd interception the 49ers are about to ruin the ball down their throat, then Kyle proceeded to try to win the game on Garoppolos arm instead of what got us there…. when I think about it I could cry, I was 9 years old the last time we won the Superbowl

  2. Kyle's problem is that he believes he is the smartest coach on any field. The SMARTEST coaches know: it ain't the X's and the O's, it's the Willie's and the Joe's.

  3. Grant you nailed it. Shanny has an ego where he tries to make a point in big games and reverts back to his "script." He doesn't call it conservative, he calls it "setting the other team up the entire game."

  4. Seemed like he loved wasting timeouts in situations last year to make sure the right play was being called. Then he held on to timeouts before halftime when there was an opportunity for points and squandered it away. Can’t coach scared especially in big games. Brilliant play caller. Needs to work on clock management. Hopefully he has learned from his mistakes.

  5. what? Seahawks game was thrown away by a rookie kicker, and the Ravens game couldve been won had the defense not let them get into field goal territory with the game on the line, you know, kinda like they did in the SB how many fucking times when it mattered? dude he called everything right in the SB. called the run to run out the game, and the Chiefs did an amazing job at stuffing the run. then he went to the pass and every played he called. he had ATLEAST 1 reciever open, and Jimmy G missed it every time. Kyle did his job in the SB, Jimmy didnt. and im a huge Jimmy G fan btw, and i like Grant, but this is just a horrible take.

  6. If Jimmy hits that open throw to Sanders, we wouldn’t be having this convo. Shanahan put us in a position to win. The players choked. (Moseley, Sherm, Jimmy G)

  7. He would have won the Pats Super Bowl for sure if he just ran the ball..He had a good chance to win the Chiefs Super Bowl if they just ran three time on second and five with 6:26 left

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