The Ultimate “Shrek” Recap Cartoon

The final recap cartoon of DreamWorks’ Shrek! DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Directed/produced by
Cas van de Pol

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Storyboarded by
Bassetfilms –

Backgrounds by
Anna Engels –

Animation by
Micaela Gabot –
Raphael Coutant –
Martijn Kreemers –

Further animation by
Erwin Langstraat –
Sven De Storcke –
Liz El Saadany –

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Composited by
Thijs Viegers –

Music & sound design
Robert Jung –

Voice work
Joe Porter –
Nelleke Hogendoorn
William Pugh –
Dominik Johann –
Pepijn Hikspoors –

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With particular because of
William Austin
Nicola Giacomelli
Alice Seatherton
Jasmine Veljanovski
David Lee
Sandy Lachkar

The Ultimate “Shrek” Recap Cartoon

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