{timestamps} Liz Cheney vs. Ted Cruz vs. Twitter. Was Mark Meadows fully engaged in a coup plot?

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00:00 Welcome!
5:00 Liz Cheney vs. Ted Cruz vs. Twitter.
18:00 Actually? “Bannon simply “blew off” a courtroom look as a result of he is not taking the costs severely:” authorized skilled – Trump adviser Steve Bannon formally pleaded not responsible Wednesday to 2 counts of contempt, stemming from his determination to defy a subpoena from the Home Choose Committee investigating the Capitol riot. Bannon’s lawyer filed a discover in advance of a listening to set for Thursday morning, saying he would not must have his fees learn by a decide in open courtroom, that means he can skip a formal arraignment. NYU legislation professor Melissa Murray instructed MSNBC on Wednesday evening that it is unusual for a defendant to waive arraignment. Washington Publish reporter Robert Costa adopted up by saying that Bannon is taking part in a “ready sport” to see whether or not the U.S. Supreme Court docket takes up the query of whether or not Trump administration communications associated to Jan. 6 are protected by government privilege.
34:30 Paul Gosar retweets AOC cartoon homicide video — minutes after being censured for it. Actually?
44:00 Are Republicans going to appoint lunatics? Solely nominating “true believers? …As they’re anticipated to do.” “McCarthy is unfit, his members are unstable and fostering violence. They can not maintain authorities once more as a result of they’re pro-coup.”
54:00 Was Mark Meadows fully engaged in a coup plot? Reportedly, Meadows was pushing Trump to observe the Ellis plan, which was even worse than Eastman’s plan.
1:00:30 Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) stated Kyle Rittenhouse would make a “nice” intern, in an look on Newsmax. “He’s not responsible and deserves a not responsible verdict,” Gaetz said Wednesday. “Kyle Rittenhouse would most likely make a fairly good Congressional intern. We’d attain out to him and see if he have an interest in serving to the nation in further methods.”
1:06:00 Democrats are questioning whether or not Biden will run in 2024. Will he?
1:09:30 Lauren Boebert stated some fascinating issues on the Home ground final evening. Will there be any fallout? “Throughout her remarks on the Home ground, Boebert deflected consideration from Gosar’s video by referring to progressive Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) as a member of what she referred to as “the Jihad Squad” and accusing Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) of sleeping with a Chinese language spy.”
1:18:15 What was Swalwell’s relationship to Christine Fang (the Chinese language spy)?
1:26:00 Are the Trump youngsters making an attempt to distance themselves from him?
1:30:00 Will the American individuals get up towards the Republican revenge campaigns and nasty conduct?
1:33:30 Will the presidential pardon energy be reformed or modified in any approach?
1:36:00 “May you test in on Christopher Wray? Will he be faraway from his submit? Is he reliable?”
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{timestamps} Liz Cheney vs. Ted Cruz vs. Twitter. Was Mark Meadows fully engaged in a coup plot?

36 thoughts on “{timestamps} Liz Cheney vs. Ted Cruz vs. Twitter. Was Mark Meadows fully engaged in a coup plot?”

  1. What every American needs to understand is that the Kochs of Koch Industries, own the Republican Party. It is the largest privately held company in the US. it's worth 80 billion dollars and it's international. Much of it's business is overseas. The father/founder of the company did business with Hitler/Nazis and Stalin. Horrible. They created The Federalist Society with majority of the Supreme Court being members. Kochs do not believe in democracy. Their agenda for decades has been to change the Constitution by trying to obtain a Constitutional Convention. Their agenda is Libertarian whereby the "little people" pay taxes but do not receive anything for their money. Hence the push toward privatizing schools, roads, utilities, prisons etc. They are the ones who own energy pipelines hence the lifting of the ban on pipelines across native American lands by Trump. Also only rich people are qualified to be in charge. It's all available for everyone to research. They personally keep a low profile but are pulling the strings of treasonous Republicans.

  2. I was surprised. I work in an ER and all went well during the lunar eclipse. So well that most of the staff were able to go out and take a look. Beautiful at 3:02 am CST. 😍🌘

  3. Gosar needs to be put in prison. If you or I made the types of threats he did against the president and a member of congress, we would’ve been quickly arrested, and questioned for hours by the FBI. We would also be under surveillance for a long time because we were an obvious threat.
    Psychiatric help and medication won’t help Gosar much. You can help depression or schizophrenia or a chemical imbalance, but you can’t change a nasty, racist, sexist, psychopathic, lying, paranoid person like Gosar, this is just who he is. Medication and a psychiatrist would help him as much as it would help a serial killer or Trump.

  4. Autumn don't believe anything Cancun Cruz says he has no balls just all talk the man couldn't take up for his wife when 45 called her ugly; he's horrible hasn't done anything for Texas at all . he's afraid of his wife and his shadow I wouldn't be seen with that man in broad daylight he has no spine just pitiful.

  5. A lot is going on politically , when I was in the military I was told if the home land was under attack its every swinging d*** on board the threats that the country is being taken over isn't coming from the institution's that is responsible for keeping it safe; CIA FBI MILITARY BRASS that's the only way anyone can take over this country thru them

  6. Exactly how is Cruz going to "take" the military? And take it where? "The military" isn't some small object you can pack up in a box and put in the trunk of your car. It's thousands and thousands of personnel spread around the country and the world. I don't think Cruz has thought this through – LOL.

  7. Instead of paying the Saudis billions of dollars how about we give that money to China to make a very small inexpensive electric car! That those of a certain income can by for 5,000$
    Families of 4 with lower incomes get the car for free!
    Then a big Initiative for solar heating! & you know what Texas can do with their oil – ship it to Russia!

  8. Autumn, when I saw the cards for the Swalwell-Fang question even before you said anything, the following popped into my head completely out of the blue– Swalwell is fated to sit at the head of the knights who defend democracy, and whoever opposes that will be silenced by the swords of truth, and left pondering their actions.

  9. THANKYOU! Ms B obert needs not only kicked out of Her Senate Seat..Banned from ANY form of governing along with Social Media Another GOPer Stooge paid to keep the home fires burning!

  10. Personally don't think Biden Will run again..no doubts he regrets having to deal with the multiple issues in today's Political Climate.. Let's Just Hope it won't be another Revolting Republican !

  11. Just wondering…Do any of these pathetic GOP politicians realize if it goes to an Authoritarian /Dictator type Government their heads are all on the chopping block as well…And we all know how loyal that former guy is to anyone…it's one thing running around pointing weapons of words/whatever at others…Another thing when those same items are turned on the ones espousing this garbage…Have HOPE Neighbors.

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