Trump Calls Fallen Soldiers "Losers" and "Suckers" | The Tonight Show

Jimmy addresses President Trump calling fallen navy service members “losers” and “suckers” whereas his 2020 marketing campaign burns by way of $800 million.

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Trump Calls Fallen Soldiers “Losers” and “Suckers” | The Tonight Show


Trump Calls Fallen Soldiers "Losers" and "Suckers" | The Tonight Show

41 thoughts on “Trump Calls Fallen Soldiers "Losers" and "Suckers" | The Tonight Show”

  1. alright… where in the hell is the clip of trump saying that. i dont think he said it unless i can confirm. just like i wont believe that obama dissed bidon without video footage.

  2. You are the joke Jimmy Fallon and the whole world knows it. This is political propaganda, not comedy. All of these late night “comedy” shows are garbage

  3. Where's the jokes about the screw up Biden did in Afghanistan? You know, the one where first he said we don't have the means to go in and get the Americans and then watched our military get killed and our planes, helicopter, & weapons taken over. Now wait for the war. People kept thinking Trump would have us in a war…. Biden will and he's giving the enemy what they need to do it. That man cannot think and is mentally challenged and should not be in office. All should be removed because they know it, including his wife and they watch him struggle. That is mental abuse.

  4. Boy, that lame PR stunt about Trump supposedly calling the Army "losers" serely came back to bite the lame ass Dems in the ass, didn't it. To actually believe the American people are gonna buy some nonsense about Trump blasting the Army just goes to show how desperate, lame and outta touch about the competition…he's only the sitting president. But then again, Biden already knew what the outcome was gonna be.

  5. "Laugh at that you stupid bastards!"- Joe Biden addressing our servicemen and women when they didn't find his lame jokes funny. He's a real class act.

  6. Ever notice how democrats embrace lies like they are intelligent. And then they laugh at their own gullibility. It is really kind of scary that these people are so stupid. and don't have a clue.

  7. Jimmy you're not funny and you're a liar I don't hear one joke about the thing, loser in the white house. Biden has destroyed our economy and he sold us out to terrorists and communist country.

  8. Here's why I don't believe the accusation…..He has shown nothing but respect to our service men & women….and…….Everything this guy does is being recorded by someone, if he said it there would be evidence of it. secondly – there are multiple people who have come out to say this isn't true. Why is it always an "ANONYMOUS SOURCE", Here's the answer – it is always easy to fabricate a story when you have an anonymous source, because the source doesn't have to be CHECKED & cannot be independently verified

  9. Trump never called our fallen military those names! You Dems are liars! He loves our military…it's Biden that doesn't care about them. 13 military dead in Afghanistan and he has blood on his hands! You fools! Always trying to put him down with your lies…trying to destroy him and his family. You should be ashamed! You guys are trash!

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