Trump Cornered? Witness Told Prosecutors Trump Was Involved In Tax Scheme

Whereas the authorized filings within the felony probe into the Trump Group don’t straight show Trump’s information of the alleged crimes, the previous daughter-in-law of Trump’s cash man is now doing simply that. Jennifer Weisselberg informed prosecutors Trump personally assured the scheme to cover worker revenue by means of college prices and that she noticed Trump accomplish that in 2012, in accordance with the Day by day Beast. MSNBC’s Chief Authorized Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by former federal prosecutor John Flannery to debate this main revelation and why it’s not talked about within the indictment. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a information present overlaying politics, regulation and tradition airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC.

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Trump Cornered? Witness Told Prosecutors Trump Was Involved In Tax Scheme

42 thoughts on “Trump Cornered? Witness Told Prosecutors Trump Was Involved In Tax Scheme”

  1. I can't believe that the IRS hasn't start an audit
    of this well-known tax scheme. People have gone to
    jail in a heartbeat or their assets frozen
    for much less than this. Where is equal justice?

  2. Still not in prison, never will be. Trump is protected by the unwritten code that politicians do not put members of the opposition party in prison for fear that it will be "turn around" when they are in power. Even if someone is imprisoned, they will be pardoned. It is a sad, corrupt way to run a country. Someone steals a quarter item from the drug store and off to jail they go. As a politician, steal millions and get caught, there is no punishment.

  3. Men with strong titles are weak men. Case in point. Trump. Everything around him is big this ,big that, which brings to wonderhow gave such a little small minded man such big thoughts. Ok his father. You do this when you know you should have name your son zero.
    Pence, wouldn't be the last I ask to run anything.weak,weak is a understatement when it comes to the two of them. I gotta ask again. How did they get in office again.

  4. America we are on the verge of loosing our democracy because Manchin and Sinema don’t see the need to get rid of the filibuster are we going to let these idiots end our democracy?

  5. Nah, he'll never be prosecuted for any wrong doing, he'll run again for President and maybe he'll win again, he's a privileged white man, who's rich and famous. Justice cannot be applied to him. Notice how everything is being investigated, how long, when?, NEVER.

  6. We keep hearing about these stories but NOTHING ever comes of them. Are these just made up? If any of this were true Trump would have been arrested. I believe this mostly is made up.

  7. I bet Trump is just as concerned as he was about the Russia collusion delusion or the quid pro quo with Ukrainian president or any other accusations and claims and accusations however war each one of those events were unfolding if you would just turn in to this net work they would assure you 100% without doubt Trump was guilty and was going to jail for it but miraculously against all odds somehow no evidence ever surfaced to support any of it but that’s not important all that matters Is that this networks has to do and say whatever it takes to keep you cool to their networks even if it means pulling at your emotional strings only for a let down in the end of it all



  10. Jennifer Weisselberg is the ex wife of Barry Weisselberg the manager of a skating rink in Central Park!!
    Jennifer Weisselberg who lost her children in a custody battle father in law is Allen Weisselberg Trump's finance officer!!
    Now she claims she was present during a financial transaction and MSNBC is reporting on this hilarious story!! This woman is still trying to get her kids back and courts rarely take custody away from mother's without s reason!!
    There is obviously some bad blood between Jennifer and the Weisselberg family and would explain her outrageous claim!!

  11. She is lying? DA should go after real criminals, not after our great President. DA should go after Biden's family, Clinton's & the Democratic Senators, Obama's tax record. Stop talking rubbish. President Trump had enough of being accused of everything? Turned out all was fake. Leave our President alone.

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