Trump Declared a SUSPECT in NEW Crime

Donald Trump by no means appears to go with out a second, as a result of proper now he’s being checked out for a way he pressured others to speak about occasions in a method that protects him, even when it requires telling lies

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Trump Declared a SUSPECT in NEW Crime

44 thoughts on “Trump Declared a SUSPECT in NEW Crime”

  1. Trump should not be in president ever again he is whole family and his soul administration suck I don't think any of them are cognitively mentally healthy enough for any type of leadership because they don't like to be held accountable and how come you just can't give everybody a lie detector test

  2. McCarthy was cowering in the Capitol with the other people. Trump shouldn't have that power to threaten people. If anyone else did that they'd be in trouble. McCarthy should get a backbone & tell Trump NO MORE!

  3. What does this piece of s**t have to do to put his ass in prison. Time and time again he doesn't care about anyone elses but himself. He must be stop! Let's see if the DOJ does it's job. Time is ticking.

  4. Trouble with hypercapitalism is that people become so terrified of not having money that they'll do anything to keep it. Trump is in the country best suited for his tactics.

  5. People say that the Republican party can operate without Trump but candidates for Congressional seats are introduced as being Trump candidates, Trump supporters, for
    these Congressional seats. Nowhere are they introduced as Republicans but rather Trump supporters.
    When did we get to a three party system; Democrats , Republicans, and Trumpers.

  6. Thank you Christo. Your explanation regarding X-45 and the maniacal oxymoronic intent Republicans support, is treasonous in and of itself under one nation under god for the liberty and justice for all.

  7. Y haven't they ARRESTED tRump yet?? They CERTAINLY have enuf on him 2 ARREST him & since he IS a flight risk, NO bail!! If he was in jail, undr CONSTANT guard he wouldn't B able 2 stop N E 1 from testifying @ inquiry sessions!! Y are they ALLOWING him 2 CONTINUE with yet MORE CRIMES?? IF N E regular person was 2 do 1/2 of HIS crimes, they would've been arrested, tried & convicted by now!! The justice department IS A FCK'N JOKE & they WONDER Y NO 1 has respect 4 THEM!!

  8. trump breaks the law in plain sight on a constant basis.
    He did the same during the impeachment trials.
    He acts like a mob boss…

    What are you, DoJ, going to do about it??

    The DoJ has allowed trump's illegal, corrupt behavior and is now paralyzed when it comes to correcting such behavior.
    Now you see the results!
    His whole enterage will not cooperate about anything, and people will just ask "why is this still going on?" and then vote the corrupt Republicans back in for picking on the helpless Republicans.
    What kind of sense does that make?
    The answer is trump's stupid base of supporters and trump's liking that they are uneducated!

    Vote Blue in '22 while you still can!

  9. The republicons is a party of traitor to the United States of America, they all should be charged with sedition if they had anything to do with the Big Lie, period…..

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