Trump Dementia CONFIRMED In SHOCKING Video

Donald Trump in his newest interview confirmed as soon as once more that his mind is failing at document tempo as he rants about points he would not perceive. It could be stated if he wasn’t so dangerous.

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Trump Dementia CONFIRMED In SHOCKING Video

36 thoughts on “Trump Dementia CONFIRMED In SHOCKING Video”

  1. Oh my God.. No freedom of the press…. hahaha… I want Fox shut down and his terrorists friends! Biden please give the order.. Lock them up if the refuse… I will back you up and I can find at least 3 millions that will support you to! Let clean the country of terrorism starting with Fox and Friends..

  2. And this comes from the mouth of the orange blob who is DESPERATE to become DICTATOR FOR LIFE???????????????????????????? It wants to be just like it's boy crush, daddy Vlad and his bff Little Rocket Boi.

    Be afraid. VERY afraid.

  3. There is no point in talking about trump anymore. It took 244 years to build America into the greatest country in the world. Does it have it's problems no question. Those problems are man made and can be solved by man. It took this p o s trump 48 months to wipe away 244 years of greatness. Good Luck America wherever you fate takes you

  4. He probably was trying to figure out if he had a fart, shart or shit in the chamber, gently letting it release to get a sample before a big push

  5. EXCELLENT & the clown sounds like he's getting worse – & 'there's no free press' – that's why he's mad – we DO have a free press & we know all about you, donnie

  6. He has to keep on perpetuating his lies. Because he thinks people won’t believe in him anymore and his ego couldn’t handle it. if he could ever really tell the truth.and just think he and the gop think that being president should be a lifetime job.

  7. Stupid people are like that. They accuse you of what they are. My father was the same way. He was demented too. Trump is going to end up in diapers and strapped to his bed to protect his nurses just like my dad.

  8. I think this channel often overstates in the video title. Trump does not show signs of dementia. Trump is a joker and liar and brings up non sequiturs. But he is not suffering from dementia. He is demented, OK.

  9. Trump Virus 2020-2021
    Misuse and
    Abuse of

    There is no justice for our dead loved ones until Trump and all his accomplices are behind bars especially his family and those supporters commiting crimes in his name.

  10. Man. when we know there's a Father of Lies this is definitely his son! Too much chloroquine is no good for you so slow down or you'll become crazy. Oh wait, too late for that!

  11. He's showing the classic conspiratorial signs of someone sinking into dementia – talking about 'they' and 'them' without being able to say who 'they' are. Why the republican party hasn't jettisoned him as leader is beyond belief

  12. And and and Socialism but Communism and and Bernie Sanders and but and the Constitution and then but … biggest inauguration crowd ever, even bigger than Lincoln's, and and picture books are cool…

    Yeah. And they say Biden is whacked? Karma is a bitch. Too bad his dementia wasn't more in evidence in 2015/16.

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