Trump Desperately Hiding SEVERE ILLNESS

Donald Trump isn’t in fine condition, however wants to hide this actuality or else he will probably be pushed out by rivals beneath him. He’s too robust now, however not if his well being points are made clear


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Trump Desperately Hiding SEVERE ILLNESS

43 thoughts on “Trump Desperately Hiding SEVERE ILLNESS”

  1. SICK? Poor old dopey Donald the draft-dodging bunker-boy with the bone-spurs and bone-head has dementia, wears his pants back to front and is going to the clink?

  2. What's terrifying is that any normal functioning human being can tell that Trump is a very sick and disturbed man both physically mentally but 43% of the voters can't, that's scary.

  3. Now why would the Republicans fear Trump? The Republicans have him in their back pocket. Testify, Testify, Testify!!!!! Democrats aren't afraid of him. Sooo, are they truly Republicans? Or Pussys

  4. Trump has held his party in his country hostage and there's not one person that will do anything about that these people should not be in government fees can be a fucking arrested

  5. You and the rest of the Progressive media need to stop talking about Trump running again. This joker incited a riot on his OWN country while he was still President. He should NEVER be allowed to run or be President again. I know the media wants Trump to win again because he equals BIG ratings for them. As much as I love this channel, I TURN it everytime you talk about Trump running again. STOP DOING THIS! He is in a lot of trouble and is most likely going to jail. You already know this!

  6. Not fake news, but definitely not news. The Republican party has sunk to "the worship of jackals by jackasses" (wish I could take credit for the metaphor, but it was HL Mencken,1880-1956).

  7. Christo, he also virtually never stands up now, having to sit down to talk and do interviews, as clear sign his cognitive skills are on the decline, but you probably knew

  8. Christo, wife loves your show, sensationalist titles and all, usually the titles turn me off, prove it or don't say it, always what I say. Trump, don't get me wrong I have a very low opinion of the idiot. I do have lots of political experience & know what's going on. If it was me I would have charged Trump for tampering with election just with the Georgia phone call, maybe jail time or not but any guilty decisions after that would be jail time. 1st guilty and support will fall away, lots. Elected asses would run another direction. Certainly is politics involved otherwise would be all sorts of charges, they are waiting until the perfect time and Trump is helping & doesn't know it. More proof to VOTE THEM ALL OUT, Revolution, new Constitution. Shame society is too weak to do it when it is so desperately needed. Russell Brand, psychologist was right if we were to design a system that encourages and ensures mental instability we could not have done better than what we designed. Words to that effect.

  9. Homo sapiens are no different to other animals in this way. Those immediately below the pack leader will test and topple for dominance if they see an opening. Status, breeding rights, first place at the table etc. Basic animal nature 101, ….. in a suit.

  10. Well if he's hiding dementia or memory loss he's doing a piss poor job at hiding it, and if he's hiding pathological severe mental issues it's not working very well either!

  11. Trump has the body of a Greek God, and an infinite mind. This guy created 3 vaccines in 3 days. Normally a vaccine take 5-15 years to develop, yet the great man did it in just 3 days. And just have a look at that beautiful flowing head of natural hair. Kojak would be jealous.

  12. Trump is to politics what Ron Jeremy is to a legitimate career in show business. I suspect the legal people just can't quite put together a strong enough case against him. I think he will die of very typical conditions that kill thousands every year, probably a stroke or heart attack given his ungainly weight and eating habits. Evil people live to old ages because their evil gives them purpose. Trump is a drug addict: his drug is attention and he doesn't care if it comes from Hollywood or a bunch of malcontent and racist/homophobic yahoos who he considers clearly below himself in intelligence and class. He is a narcissistic attention ho and has been, as a President, POISON to the USA. He cultivated an image of being "big Daddy" on a cheesy and fake reality show and then parlayed his celebrity into the political realm. As "Big Daddy" he has given adults permission to act like juveniles and wear their hate and ignorance like a badge of honor. Look at how adults are acting on airplanes, in public places, the "Karens", the racist cops and military people . Trash behavior is becoming the norm. People just can't seem to accept this: Trump wants to be a dictator, a modern day Hitler. Research what his father was like and connect the dots. It is appalling that evangelical Christians think this man is a Christian when he does not exemplify any of the behavior and example of Christ as depicted in the Bible and is in fact the opposite. The man is a liar and an ACTOR, not a politician.

  13. If everybody in the GOP would just decide to ghost Trump then he ceases to exist. Yes it can be that simple. Why are they all so afraid. They all really hate him. They should all just decide to ignore him. Block his number etc…..

  14. With his diet I'm surprised he still alive. I've heard he drinks a dozen cans of diet coke a day and mostly fast junk food. As cheaply built as his other properties are with substandard materials, that I wouldn't be surprised if he goes crazy (already there) and dies by lead poisoning like a Roman Dictator.
    Maybe Alzheimer's from drinking out of aluminum cans all day. I read that Alzheimer's patients can have unusually high levels in their system.

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