Trump details origins of COVID-19

Donald Trump has detailed explosive claims surrounding COVID-19 in an unique interview with Sky Information host Sharri Markson as half of the documentary ‘What Actually Occurred in Wuhan’.

The previous US President alleged intelligence he noticed satisfied him coronavirus escaped from a lab.

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Trump details origins of COVID-19

43 thoughts on “Trump details origins of COVID-19”

  1. October 23rd. On the 24th, there will be a devastating earthquake. Sorrow and Ruins will be seen. COVID-19, Covid 16 " Start eating the antidote to the Coronavirus. The antidote to Coronavirus is… There is. " Prophecies Help to you. Kind Regards Caesar de Nostradamus 2021.10. 12.

  2. Heard of Bat woman from Wuhan? Guess who supported this biolab., even the" specialists " got it wrong n 'ad lib.' as more info. comes out, do not waste resource on finding out where it came from or getting them to admit accountability such's not going to happen, they r prob. already moving on to the new 'project' now, more bio.weapons, n ways of destroying/ weakening the arch rival(s), o.d.'em, bribe 'em, threaten 'em, spying on 'em, indoctrinating 'em on n on, we know who wrote the Art of War, there r already more deaths now so far this year from this infection than the entire last year. We need to act rather than giving out excuses n blames.

  3. I'm not coppin this for 1 second as they reckon its a 99.7% survival rate, so how the fuck were there dead bodies outside the lab everywhere?????🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. This guy is a hero. A real old school leader. We’ve forgotten what that’s like because of all the liars, crooks, phonies, traitors, and posers we keep electing. TRUMP 2024 !

  5. For once I agree with him👍 I also can't believe it started at a wet market when there is a lab in the same city that studies these exact viruses… definitely incompetence, it's bullshit that it started in a market.

  6. Looking at Biden wurk compared to Trump I ain't gon' lie I'd rather this guy had finished out his term and I kinda miss him always being the topic on Jimmy Kimmel 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣💯💯💯💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 and I'm fro' tha streets of Char' 🔥🔥🔥 Litt, NC

  7. Hence this and that is why u heard him slamming China all the time …I got 💕 love for all ppl across the 🌎 even if I don't kno' you…and one thing I can say about Trump he's not ah' racist it's the fans he collected who put his image out like that not to mention the Media putting him and white supremacists voters in the same topic/sentence with him and…. with that c'mon man this guy was in Bobby Brown video bac in late 80s htf u get ah' racist fro' that and been on the phone with Curtis 50cent Jackson on CNN and talking highly of his Muzik telling him he like him and his kids like his muzik but he did quote he doesn't but his kids do and 50 talked bac to him about politics and entrepreneur business type 💩💩💩

  8. Shoot the ccp bastards! 4m plus lives gone because of this virus. Economies around the world decimated with financial recovery projected to take decades. JUST SHOOT THEM, they are pure evil.

  9. I rather die then to take the damn shot, its common sense that they want to kill us, i been without a mask since day 1 and nothing has happened to me, what they are doing is making us loose faith in God, but i will NEVER LOOSE FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST

  10. That it was developed there? Yep, a plausible enough proposition. Labs all over the world have engaged in experiments relating to deadly virus development and impact over many decades. But we know that already. The cat's out of the bag on that one. But body bags outside of the Institute? Hell! Those people must have been lying/hanging around for one heck of a long time inside of that building, just waiting for any uncontained virus to develop to the point where they required body bags outside to jump into and permanently go to sleep in then. Is Donald Trump OK, physically and mindwise? That's my question.

  11. New findings COVID origin news 05OCt2021 –
    Trump believers, Wuhan bashers, anti-China bashers , SkyNews China bashers , must all be feeling so silly and ashamed of themselves for being so gullible and naive to try to blame China. Australia too , for pointing the finger at China alone. For those bragging about wanting to seek compensation from China, please redirect your claims to ???? TBA

  12. I believe those scientists in the wuhan lab are innocent n have been mislead n tricked by fauci n his evil gangters on the pretext of helping china to do research but actually planted the covud 19 virus there n released it intentionally n then blame china for it well planed evil act

  13. Facepalm. The Chinese politburo must be falling about laughing. They've even got Trump parrotting their lab-leak propaganda now.
    Piles of body bags outside the Wuhan lab – yeah right, like the video clips of people supposedly dropping dead in the streets of Wuhan from the new deadly virus. Funny how that never occurred anywhere else in the World?
    It's all just a psyop, rebranding essentially the same respiratory illnesses that occurred in any previous year as some dreadful new man-made virus that has escaped from a lab causing a global pandemic and reinforcing this idea with mask mandates. The result: Western economies demolish themselves.

  14. Why are you people so naive? This exactly what it is : a new world order. It is no about money, its about a global ungodly government taking the place of God and controlling every aspect of your life. I was born in Cuba, studied in Russia, and visited Venezuela. Its the same process every time but now its everywhere and forever. Prepare to loos your life or comply. The ultimate goal its to force you to worship a charismatic dictator as your god instead of Jesus. Its your soul they are after at the orders of their master. Lucifer himself. Your only hope is Jesus because if you live or you die you will always belong to him here and in eternity. So make you mind who is your God because you will choose one. The world will never be the same.

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