Trump Endorses Pro-Coup Conspiracist

Donald Trump endorses yet one more pro-coup, QAnon conspiracy theorist for candidacy in Michigan. Richard Ojeda breaks it down.

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Trump Endorses Pro-Coup Conspiracist

34 thoughts on “Trump Endorses Pro-Coup Conspiracist”

  1. you should be ashamed of yourself accepting trumps lies and 'endorsement', being endorsed by the uneducated and no brain trump sheep is not an accolade lady….

    you're nothing but cannon fodder for trump… don't have a future if trump is your bank manager lady….

    ditch trump and do it for yourself……

  2. America needs to get past all this garbage!! We need Trump, Biden and all the other old and tired politicians to retire. Please give America someone fresh and mentally sharp in 2024!! America deserves it!!

  3. The 2020 election was the most safe and secure election in our history. Their was no fraud to be found. If there was fraud to be found, we would had already seen it.

  4. What I find interesting is Trump is backing her because of her stop the steal BS. If she had said that the election was fair and honest Trump would have called her ugly and biased. He would have made sure everyone knew she was black and a woman.

  5. Of course trump is going to support anyone who kisses his toilet bowl ring. I am sure everyone knows that.

    Now Biden and Bernie need to do something to prevent people from voting for those nut jobs by giving people something that they want. They need to sway the swing voters. Because the nut jobs are focused on getting you know who back in power and sadly even after Jan 6th happened people still support that type in our government and others like that are lining up to run.

  6. Mafioso mob boss 101:
    * Surround yourself with a legal team to bully and threaten people with vindictive lawsuits.
    * Surround yourself with big henchmen to do your 'dirty work' to avoid criminal charges.
    * Run 2 sets of books for either taxes or loans
    * Talk tough, but never threaten people directly. Use demeaning gangsta nicknames, like Crooked Hillary, Crazy Bernie, Lyin' Ted, Li'l Marco, Pocahontas, Sleepy Joe, …
    * Only trust your own immediate 'family' of blood relatives. everyone else is dispensable. involve them in everything, so that they can inherit the 'family business'
    * After conquering another mob's 'turf', recruit the opposition after they promise their undying loyalty, sealed with 'the godfather's embrace'. (ref: week 1 of tRump's term) If they refuse the 'embrace', destroy them.
    Dictatorship 101:
    * Polish your delivery of propaganda, one liners, and anti government rhetoric. (super spreader rallies) Learn how to work your audience up into a frenzy. (You knew darn well I was a snake, before you brought me in.)

    * Have your campaign manager share classified RNC polling date with Russian troll banks to allow them to target voters with outrageous anti-Hillary propaganda
    * Discredit the MSM so that your supporters only believe in whatever you say.
    * Divide the nation by demonizing the opposition party with outrageous lies, claiming that they only want to destroy the nation, but only you can save it.
    * Keep drumming the previous 3 steps into a weak minded, god fearing cult for 5 years, until they are so deeply brainwashed that they parrot everything you spew..
    * Blatantly thumb your nose at the DoJ, by recruiting the Attorney General to provide 'executive immunity'.
    * Pack the Supreme Courts with loyalist justices, just in case.
    * Rig the election system by claiming that everything needs to be 'upgraded', including the implementation of suppressive state election laws and the ability to over rule the majority of voters.
    * Eliminate term limits (tRump floated the idea many times, as he always does, before making his moves)
    * Predict that you will only lose an election, because of cheating to provide cover for your own cheating.
    * Create a Big Lie that the election was stolen from you.
    * Intimidate state election officials to 'find 11,780 more votes' which don't exist.
    * Conspire with the DoJ to, "Just say that the election was rigged, then leave the rest to me and the 'R' Congressmen."
    * When all else fails, organize a rally full of rag-tag right wing domestic terrorists, armed militias, and white nationalists to 'rouse your rebels' into a lynch mob and send them to storm the Capitol to stop the peaceful transfer of power.
    Monarchy 101:
    * After achieving membership into the World's Dictator Club, one must be ruthless in order to become their leader and extort them for a piece of their action, just like their king of of all dictators.
    * Make sure that your spawn are prepositioned to inherit your throne after your demise, regardless of how that happens.
    Oligarchy Alternatives 101:
    * Never give up, even after losing the election.
    * Keep a stranglehold on your hijacked GQP Congressmen by threatening to replace the with hand picked 'loyalists'. Destroy the careers of anyone who doesn't kowtow to your every whim, especially regarding the Big Lie.
    * As long as your control Congress, SCOTUS, and state elections, being POTUS is irrelevant and more trouble than profits.
    * Keep the rallies going to fleece your sheeple of donations. Their money is your power

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