Trump HUMILIATED after his Rally gets CANCELLED

Donald Trump continues to be bitter {that a} rally he deliberate in Alabama was cancelled, and he’s blaming the governor of the state although she may be very pro-Trump. This reveals how his madness hurts him politically

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Trump HUMILIATED after his Rally gets CANCELLED

27 thoughts on “Trump HUMILIATED after his Rally gets CANCELLED”

  1. MANCHIN is launching a charity called “ AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO BILLIONAIRES”. He’s concerned that if they’re forced to pay taxes American billionaires shall become extinct simply to improve the lives of most other Americans. Manchin urges us all to donate generously to prevent such a disaster.

  2. Rittenhouse proves that " Other white people will not be safe if the far right get control of our Government ". They obviously will kill you for simply being part of a protest that they oppose.In America opposing views are not supposed to be a DEATH sentence.

  3. I am glad he is dumb! If Donald Trump was smart, he would truly be dangerous! Not to mention the people around him are insane. It is not about gathering financial strength and power, it is about holding on to it. A fool and his money shall part and everything that goes along with it!

  4. Supporters don’t get it that Trump is off his rocker and is showing how dangerous he is. I will never get it how so many support someone so hateful and mean. The behavior in Trump and his Republican Party is despicable. It is Trump and his party who continue to promote hate and racism in this country. These are not people we need as leaders in our country. Our justice system has to do something to stop these insane politicians. Set an example that America doesn’t want criminals and hateful leaders running our country. Hold Trump and his Republican politicians accountable for their crimes.

  5. kek sipeo

    10 seconds ago

    A L L R I G H T Y T H E N, CHRISTO, you said "ghouls" WHILST tis is still the season to still be scared by crazy that's way to crazy to explain, but you do a great job of it. SPOOKY IS WHAT SPOOKY DOES and most spooky during a memorable generational moment, details a tail that only occurs every hundred years or so and here's "Pumpkin Head" for real. Christo, this just may be the age OXYMORONISSUM gets checked during a time in humanity when "LYING" is a principle logic that is recognizable and well experienced beginning "kindergarten." WARNING COMPLACENT LYING IS OXYMORONIC LEARNED BEHAVIOR THAT TURNS STOCKHOLM CULT OXYMORONISSUM PROPENSITY of WEAK DISPOSITION into a crime. oxymoronissum is killing democracy for as long as standards are capitalized on and freedom comes by way of popular trend pay offs. this is not democratic, it's ego, simply, that's it, it's piped piper oxymoronissum.

  6. Alabama needs to charge this crook for using its name everyone on earth has a right to charge the Trump campaign and Trump himself for slander EVERY ONE WHO WANTS TRUMP ASSOCIATED WITH THEIR NAME? NO-ONE I KNOW HE'S A PUTIN REPRESENTATIVE

  7. Trump is such an immature, selfish little wimp who thinks that everyone should give in to his crooked crazy demands. Screw him I'm looking so forward to the day he gets what he deserves. A long sentence in prison.

  8. With Trump you after be 100% no matter what !! even if you have done the most horrible thing for Trump and you say no for only 1 time you are done for Trump period !! Look at Giuliani Barron list goes on and on …

  9. I live in Alabama a few miles from where TEMPER TANTRUM TRUMP wanted to hold the rally…it is a law here in Alabama that the battleship can not be used to hold a political rally.

  10. How is he going to do rallies while in jail?
    Poor Donald I can see him on the ground kicking his feet while screaming and crying. I wonder how often his followers would allow this type of behavior from their own kids? Would a strap come out?
    What do you think?

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