Trump Junior Cries And Claims Brett Kavanaugh Was 'Broken' By Democrats

Donald Trump, Jr. went whining to Twitter this week after the Supreme Courtroom upheld the vaccine mandate for healthcare employees. Junior claimed that Brett Kavanaugh – the person his father placed on the Supreme Courtroom – had one way or the other been “damaged” by the Left, and that he was now simply as liberal as John Roberts. He is not the one conservative to launch an assault in opposition to Kavanaugh, both, as Farron Cousins explains.

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So this week, in fact, the USA Supreme court docket struck down president Biden’s, uh, vaccine or take a look at mandate for personal companies, however they upheld the vaccine mandate for healthcare employees. If, in fact you’re employed in a healthcare facility that receives both Medicare or Medicaid, the {dollars}, principally you are in a healthcare facility that takes cash from the federal authorities within the type of Medicare, Medicaid funds. Then yeah, you’ve got gotta adjust to this. And in fact the Supreme court docket mentioned, you understand what? Eh, we would like to argue that, however we will not. And Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump appointee who loves beer. A lot was one of many preserve that truly mentioned, yeah, this mandate, this one can keep in place. And boy did that off Republicans, one thing fierce, proper? Donald Trump Jr. Took to Twitter on Friday to assault Brett Kavanaugh, the man that his personal father placed on the Supreme court docket.

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And here is what junior mentioned on Twitter. The left broke Kavanaugh. That was all the time their intention. And it labored. They turned him right into a Roberts referring in fact, to chief justice, John Roberts, who has been recognized from time to time to have a second of readability and never be a horrible justice. Once more, couple occasions, not something that signifies any type of sample. He is nonetheless a toss up on a pair points, largely conservative although. And Brett Kavanaugh is just about staunchly conservative, however simply since you did not get the one factor you needed this one time that does not even have an effect on you, you one way or the other assume the left broke him. He is accomplished. I do not know what occurred, however he is damaged.

Junior’s not the one conservative that lashed out in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh on his program. Thursday night, Tucker Carlson referred to as Brett Kavanaugh, a cringing little liberal. Now think about the psychological J gymnastics one must do to categorise Brett Kavanaugh as a liberal. Is he cringeworthy? Hell yeah. I, I am not disagreeing with you on that specific phrase. Tucker Carlson. Uh, however liberal. No, no, he is in your aspect. That is your man. Do not attempt to paw off possession of Brett Kavanaugh to us. He is your, I like beer. I could have accomplished some actually horrible issues in my previous, however conservatives ignored that for the longest time. Hey, wait a minute. Possibly if we are able to get sufficient conservatives to hate Brett Kavanaugh. Now possibly we are able to truly launch an actual investigation that is not hamstring or hamstrung by the, uh, administration that is in energy as a result of we all know the FBI did not do their due diligence underneath Donald Trump investigating Brett Kan.


Additionally, Hey, possibly, possibly we do it now. Proper guys, you hate him. We hate him. Let’s do it. Let’s make this a factor. Let’s be actually bipartisan attain throughout that aisle. Be a part of forces and get Brett Kavanaugh off that Supreme court docket I am sport if you’re. However no, in fact they are not gonna do this. They know deep down Brett Kavanaugh is a conservative. They’re simply making an attempt to placed on a present actually for his or her viewers. As I discussed, they haven’t any on this resolution in anyway, proper? They are not within the healthcare business. They do not work in healthcare services. So this does not have an effect on them in any respect. They’re performing off as a result of they know their base needs them to be off. It isn’t as a result of they genuinely care. They do not care. It would not have an effect on them in truly it may have an effect on them in a constructive method. If any of them need to go to the hospital, they will relaxation soundly.

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Realizing that the hospital employees caring for them have been vaccinated, thus lowering the probabilities of them having an enormous COVID outbreak in these healthcare services, which is sorely wanted. We, we want healthcare employees who perceive the hazards of the illnesses they work round on daily basis and so they do no matter they will to assist defend themselves from these illnesses. Uh, I, I do not assume I would wanna go to a healthcare facility the place folks mentioned, ah, I do not fear about security precautions. Don’t fret about all these illnesses over right here. Nah, it will be wonderful. No, no person needs that at, however apparently junior and Tucker Carlson do need that for his or her audiences. And that’s the reason they’re pretending to be indignant at Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump Junior Cries And Claims Brett Kavanaugh Was 'Damaged' By Democrats

40 thoughts on “Trump Junior Cries And Claims Brett Kavanaugh Was 'Broken' By Democrats”

  1. I thought Kavanaugh was under investigation. If not, then whoever turned over all the info to Trump's admin better be under investigation & hopefully, he kept copies? If Kavanaugh is not under investigation for SCOTUS related matters, he WAS under investigation from his prior judicial position. Wonder if that died when he left that position. Excuse me, my head is exploding. Gotta go.

  2. I remember when trump sr said he "made cavanagh because he was a nobody until trump got him on the Supreme Court." Trump think he owns everyone he ever said he liked.

  3. Kavanaugh was "rushed" through by corrupted Republicans who wanted his ilk on our USSC. So were Gorsach and Barrett. Mini-Don has no idea about very much and is as pathetic as his father.

  4. Lemme get this straight. The Right is Righteous & Good in every way. A Beacon of light & truth against a Dark Background of Deception, imposed upon Mankind from the Left-winged Import/Export Child Peddlers, Molesters & Cannibals. Is that right??
    And all the scandals that are Monopolizing our Media are simply distracting pieces of information, meant to damage the good reputations of the God Fearing Christian Men like Donald Trump, Mike Lindell & Brett Kavanaugh, as part of the Dark State Conspiracy!!
    PULLEEEZE!!! Already!!
    As soon as we separate reality from the Pro-Wrestling & Soap Operas, provided so generously from the Trump Cabal, our Country will begin to heel & maybe, just maybe, return to a State of Normalcy!!
    If Brett Kavanaugh allowed his self to be "Broken" then he wasn't meant for the job. Let him go back to delivering Pizzas & Move On!! SHEESH!!

  5. Awww poor Brett. How could they be so mean to the guy who had an investigation into his behavior washed away and has never faced consequences his entire life.

  6. I am 74 years old. A retired Registered Nurse. I appreciate your thought processing. It is quick; factual; & the TRUTH. Just keep progressing FORWARD; Mind,Spirit ,Heart ,Soul & Body. The American people definitely need your input. I really need some sort of HOPE, too. Thank you soo much…

  7. It's all theatrics with the Trump's. Factually they will say anything to put money in their pockets, create chaos or enlist people. They've managed to confuse Fiction & Nonfiction .
    How's Melania, former first lady's sale of her personal clothes for personal profit ?
    First time in United States history. Nice.

  8. Those words in itself tells you alot about the Trump's and associates that they try to position people to stand for their criminal intents. Hope the words off these criminals are used against them.

  9. What the hell is wrong with these guys, Trump Jr, Mother Tucker and company? The issue here is to instate measures that will end the pandemic which has nothing to do with politics. This mandate would get us back to normal faster, something you R clows are crying about so loudly, but won't do what is necessary to achieve!

  10. The supreme court judges are partisan when it comes to siding with their party instead of ruling on the law the way it's supposed to be regardless of party

  11. Junior and Carlson's commentaries prove only one thing. Their SOLE goal is to delegitimize the Democratic party. They are so deranged, so obsessed with one party rule at any approach. They think that only Republicans should be 'allowed' to rule. Authoritarianism has taken over the Republican party SO BADLY that they even attack their own if they don't operate under the specifically narrow fascist ideology of Trump's cult.

  12. What these people fail to realize is that by selling outrage and hatred is, there'll never be a time or moment where their opinions and judgements will be enough. It's an insatiable monster, consuming all. It needs to be fueled and fed constantly. In the end it will be all consuming and even the most ardent supporters will fall victim. It's a zero sum game. It's only a matter of time before they all turn on each other.

  13. Fox News is nothing more than circuse freak shows and every host is capitalizing on P.T. Barnum's "There's a sucker born every minute" the only difference is Barnum gave them a show and these anchors are sitting back and watching the show they created, all of which are to cowardly to do what they tell their followers to do. But isn't that the ways of the griffters.

  14. Typical Fascist-style behavior, "name-calling," derived from kindergarten sand-box behavior (no offense to younglings here). Great "red herring" tactic too. DJT2 simply needs to be ignored.

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