Trump makes 'explosive' admission about COVID-19 origins

Sky Information host Sharri Markson says Donald Trump made an “explosive” admission in her upcoming documentary about the origins of the coronavirus.

“There have been issues that emerged in these interviews, notably with Donald Trump that I had by no means heard earlier than,” Ms Markson advised Sky Information Australia.

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“He ultimately makes an admission, a chunk of intelligence he noticed.

“And it’s explosive. It was one thing I’ve by no means heard earlier than.”

What Actually Occurred in Wuhan will air completely on Sky Information at 8 pm on Monday, September 20.

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Trump makes 'explosive' admission about COVID-19 origins

40 thoughts on “Trump makes 'explosive' admission about COVID-19 origins”

  1. What's not being said, is the reason for this, VIRUS….
    We, Humans, as a whole, are depleting our resources to maintain the society we live 2day. The rate we are multiplying, this planet is losing the capacity to maintain our future. People must Die, at the same rate we are multiplying, in order to extend the time, for future Technology to evolve.

    Numbers do Not Lie.
    Do the Math.
    This is No Secret,
    It's just Not Talked about.

  2. The insinuations are false made on a tad of emotions and arbitary postulation equating to simple guess work, not based on a sliver of scientific evidence. The WHO investigators are world-class scientists and have a reputation to upkeep back at headquarters. The lab leak theory is political propaganda and narrative to cover up for the leader's own inadequacies and weak i.e. trump.

  3. The USA went from one case of Covid in 2020, maybe late 2019 to the leading nation of the world with approximately 710,000 deaths, far surpassing any nation. Maybe Russia or China has more because they under report. Trump failed his country because he didn't respond, and tried to downplay the virus.

  4. Why the hell isnt one media outlet reporting that the regular flu the two years prior to 2019 were almost ten times the mortality rate as this BolognaVirus..??? Because it’s just a tool being used ..,just another agenda. Why even watch the news.? If no one watched the news this crap wouldn’t be happening

  5. "Conspiracy Theorist" is a polite way of saying "flaky a-hole". Take for example the flaky a-holes who support Ronald Bump or the flaky a-holes who support "Z" or "P" or "W" or whatever letter you Sky News watching flaky a-holes call yourselves. You see, all those conspiracy theorists are just flaky a-holes. Glad to help.

  6. When are they going to hold these people accountable for all Americans they have killed with this virus my wife is fighting for her life with this and heads need to roll. Especially the people involved here that supported this crap.

  7. It's funny to think that I knew when the virus first hit where it originally came from.. looking into bill gates and his population control way before this came to light made me see it soon as it was released… and they only realised where it came from what 1yr after come on seriously!!!
    Bill gates and his TED talk over 10yrs ago many many video of the NWO also based on world de-population.. The meetings of the world economic forum that has been happening for years and the people attending it. Many leaders around the world who have been putting steps into place to make their country change into the NWO, when you start to see it then you know..

  8. Where's the investigation into Big Pharma corruption and dangerous vaccines, and the damage done to the developing world populations in their name?

  9. before holding me accountable and forcing the jab in my arm shouldn't someone be held accountable for the intentional release of this virus? first things first here

  10. If you trace the origin of covid 19 than you know where it came from. Once you found out its origin, check the sequence of the virus whether its been manipulated. The first dr. in wuhan notice covid 19 was very strange. This definitely tells you that this stuff has been work up in a lab.

  11. Don't pretend you don't know who created and funded this military bio-weapon ~ AMERICA‼️ And Trump knows that too. He brought us into this Totalitarian hell scape by not saying "NO we will not turn a harmless FLU into a PLANdemic for the globalists NWdisOrder enslavement agenda" ‼️

  12. Thing is, since there is the "virus", all the countries are turning onto "chinese totalitarism". So my question is:
    Is the virus in the bodies or in the politics? Think about it.

  13. So… Here's my take on companies "forcing" you to vaccinate… I don't work for one, but if I did…
    1. If you want to FIRE me for not giving up my constitutional rights, then follow the FULL disciplinary procedure, charge me, be very clear about the charge, and bring WITNESSES to VERIFY my transgression.
    2. During the hearing, provide PROOF that I AM infected, that I AM transmitting the disease, that I AM infecting others, and that I AM causing them to die.
    3. During the hearing, provide PROOF that other staff (vaccinated or not) are NOT infected, are NOT infecting others, and are NOT causing them to die (only me, personally).
    4. Also provide PROOF that I have NOT social distanced and worn my (virtue signaling) mask, thereby INTENTIONALLY placing others at risk.
    5. Also provide PROOF that ANY of the staff members I am in contact with are taking ALL steps to AVOID serious illness or hospitalization (reducing their vulnerabilities), by eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough sunlight, boosting their Vitamin D (and other Vitamin) levels, to REDUCE their risk.
    6. Provide PROOF that the vaccinated staff members are not exposing ME to risk, by carrying or transmitting the disease to ME.
    7. Provide PROOF that the decision is based on SCIENTIFIC consideration of BOTH arguments (for, and against) the administration of the vaccine and EXACTLY HOW those divided scientific opinions have been weighed.
    8. Provide PROOF of the steps you have taken, as the employer, to ENSURE my safety at the workplace, including safety FROM side-effects of the vaccine, since YOU are MANDATING it.
    9. Provide PROOF that Covid-19 is the ONLY disease that employees CAN contract, carry, transmit, get ill from, get hospitalized because or, and die from.
    10. Provide PROOF that I am being treated EQUALLY and FAIRLY, by declaring the EXACT steps taken, and MANDATES introduced, to protect me (and others) from ALL (other) infectious diseases.
    Once this trial is over, and if you DO dismiss me, then YOU take the risk of facing the CCMA, Arbitration and the labor court, where I can call EXPERT WITNESSES if I want, where I can cross-examine your witnesses, where I can subpoena records, where I can show my infection status, and where you can PROVE that I AM (not MAY BE) exposing others to risk.
    Feel free to distribute, forward, or copy/paste.
    Stan Bezuidenhout
    Forensic Specialist, Court Expert, Trainer, Author.

  14. It copies itself into our DNA, to produce more of the virus. so to implement it just because you took proteins out sounds more like an experiment. also because it copies itself, we will truly never get rid of covid-19 or also knows as Purposely Genetically modified Soars Virus. (for population control without public scrutiny).

    You give someone the vaccine, it copies itself then makes your own RNA produce the (live virus) not the vaccine variant where they removed the harmful proteins that made you feel terrible. so when you get sick again because it made the live virus (By Multiplying), you are going to get hit way harder then when you took your vaccine.

    Capitalism is just a Dictatorship for Companies. Take the vaccine or get fired/not hired!

    Every person that has ever tested positive for covid should be on a list for not needing a vaccine because of natural immunity. then we should find out how to tell if someone already has this immunity because they already contracted the virus at a point in time.
    Only then will these vaccines be a good idea to distribute to the public, but even then studies show you are to get 6x more sick from covid again after receiving your vaccine compared to getting it naturally and building an immunity.
    Remember small pox play dates. they sound cheaper and more reasonable strategy to ending this pandemic. but surely big pharma is making way too much off of tax payers to ever want this pandemic to stop.

    Well if we really are going to mandate a vaccine that will make you more frequently sick from Covid, then we got to go back and change the laws put in place against this type of behavior established during the Nuremburg trials…. as far as i can tell it is still illegal for any country to do this… but we let it happen anyways because we somehow forgotten what happened 70 years ago and the aftermath.

    with a capitalists government the accumulation of power is in the companies. stocks and their interests. they are able to buy/persuade government entities to do their bidding in their own interests, NOT THE PEOPLE Only true patriots like Mike will be able to say i am financially stable enough & in a position of power to try and fight your outrageous and unconstitutional acts that only seem to be a way a of profiting more off the people & tax payers.

    it was genetically modified to make variants of itself. it copies into your RNA so that is replicates the virus into your DNA, it will be with you for life btw. but the point is that with it integrating with your genome is has a tendency to make variants based on your genetic makeup.
    Don't let non medical professionals or non genealogists try to tell you that thinking this is man made is just a conspiracy… They edited it so well that we can't even tell how it came to be… yet these edits to the soars virus do NOT naturally occur!
    There is no way this virus just came out of no where and has done as much as it is doing now without some sort of edit from a pharma company (Specifically one based in china that created this for population control without public scrutiny), because if it's no ones fault and we don't know where it came from then there is no one too blame right? We can just kill 1.8 billion people without questions being raised.(Guess they learned what not to do from the nazi's death camps and aftermath of using Nukes on mass populated areas.)
    These things don't just happen for no reason!

    First 3 months before it was heavily publicized, personnel from branches of our army received orders of 100,000 body bags to be sent to china every single day. (Note this was covered up and unknown except for the Medical Soldiers procuring the orders.) yet they still had their borders open and they did not care to inform people as to what was killing everyone. (Nor did our government care to tell us they were burning bodies of people they didn't have body bags for in the thousands) Only 3 months after the facts and millions were killed off did they announce they had to close their borders because of this pandemic. seems to me like they really did not care to inform the world they let a virus out to kill half their population to reallocate assets of the dead & allow for further expansion without over population concerns.

    Should search up the chemicals released when burning a body, then go look at china at the beginning of this pandemic. Do the math as to how many bodies would need to be burned to accumulate these numbers shown in our records and you can literally tell yourself how many people were being burned every single day. while they did nothing to stop it or inform the public as to what they were doing.

  15. YouTube is against r e a l s c i e n c e. YouTube is against treatments for C19 that are inexpensive and very effective. YouTube is l i a b l e for every person that dies without getting treatment because of the c en so ri ng of factual information about C19 and treatments like i v , er me ctin and h c q. Liability involves prosecution and punishment according to the rule of law.

  16. I commend you both for the small amount of truth that you conveyed. The full truth is that this is germ warfare at it's best from a 20 year program out of China. China was doing the bidding of the United Nations/WHO every step of the way. Along with the U.S. they all want to continue the quarantine/pandemic ad infinitum forever. This falls in with their long term plan of better enabling the United Nations to fully govern this planet. That has always been the UN plan from Day One.

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