Trump on McConnell, Biden and Fauci, what he'd do in a possible 2nd term | Newsmax EXCLUSIVE

EXCLUSIVE: forty fifth President of america speaks to Newsmax about ‘massive tech oligarchs’ and if he might ever return to any social platform, what he and sure states’ governments would do about ‘censorship,’ the border disaster, a creation of the Biden administration, points with power independence and fuel costs, the previous critics of his on vaccine rollout and early pandemic restrictions who’ve been confirmed fallacious, and extra. – by way of Cortes & Pellegrino with Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino, weeknights at 9PM ET on Newsmax.

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Trump on McConnell, Biden and Fauci, what he'd do in a possible 2nd term | Newsmax EXCLUSIVE

30 thoughts on “Trump on McConnell, Biden and Fauci, what he'd do in a possible 2nd term | Newsmax EXCLUSIVE”

  1. 20:13 "If someone doesn't like this country you shouldn't be here"… you mean like Trump's grandpa Frederick who immigrated "illegally" from Bavaria to avoid military service…and who tried to return to Germany and was denied German citizenship after failing as a businessman in Seattle WA… the irony of Trump's words and lineage….

  2. 20:10 "they hate our country and we love our country"… follows to describe the Dems… so "they" are …US citizens who don't worship Trump.. the same Trump who had the lowest Nationwide polls for President his entire 4 years…so good to know…if you don't like hate our Country… #DictatorDelusions

  3. 17:14 "Kevin's has had some bad moments but has always come back for the country"…goes on to describe Mccarthy's good moments only for Trump.. lol.. Trump only cares about himself..always. the "bad" is probably when Kevin called and demanded Trump call off the MAGAs on Jan. 6th. #CoupAttemptFailed

  4. It's joe biden's fault if china attacks Japan , Taiwan and all of south east asia. It will be joe biden's fault. All east Asian countries are friends of the usa except for china and nk.

  5. Two minutes in and he already lied…average gas prices in 2020 were $2.17…the average in 2016 was $2.14. Smh He says whatever he wants and conservative news accepts it.

  6. Why don't we just get it over with, lets go and get Biden out, and clean out our military of radical liberals, and take a stand against China they make big comments like they are going to go to war with us and Japan, India, Australia and frankly the world, well lets take them up on their threat…lets see if they can walk their talk…

  7. Trump did more for us then any of the Democrats have ever done . Trump was working overtime for us Biden goes on vacation while Americans are in Afghanistan. We want Trump back.

  8. I believe that he meant well and that he thinks he did a good job with the 'v@ccines', but he may not be aware of how they are manipulating it to suit their agenda. I wish he would do some in depth research about it then he will stop pushing it so much.

  9. Trump is one of the very few billionaires who relates to the average people, he doesn't need to change himself but be himself, he doesn't have to wear a pink shirt like Gates, or a hooded jacket with a palsy hair cut like Zuckerberg, or dress like a kid from the 1980 as Moore does to try and fit in being so phony. And the only thing Trump runs on is common sense that most people can understand…. That is what makes him authentic, and a great president…. He doesn't have to lie, like all of the democrat leaders or RINO… He gets my donations, support and vote in 2024, and I will vote in 2022 according to his recommendations.

  10. The whole of america knew it came from china mr trump… didnt come up with that from the beginning we all did…your taxzs on china gets passed to us

  11. WHY isn’t the 2020 election MADE RIGHT? The truth about the fraud MUST be known CURRENTLY and facts at hand! The current Party needs thrown out! The country CLEANED out of foreign criminals invading illegally!!!

  12. I like Trump, but he's not right about India. He said they're not doing well with covid. Well India has adopted the drug Ivermectin in the fight against covid with a high degree of success.

  13. I don’t know who is more delusional. Newsmax or the people continuing to support the big LOSER tRump. He is such a liar and he acccomplished ZERO during his presidency. Btw, gas was under $2 because of the coronavirus which he completely mismanaged (remember, he knew in January 2020 and did NOTHING!). He continues to line his pockets by grifter his clueless supporters. Makes me laugh.

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