Trump Pushes False Claim He Won 2020 Election At Rally In Georgia

Former President Trump appeared at a rally in Georgia final evening, the place he continued to assert he received the 2020 presidential election. Trump threw his assist behind Rep. Jody Hice, seeking to unseat Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who rejected Trump’s request to “discover” sufficient votes to overturn his defeat within the state. NBC Information’ Monica Alba reviews for Sunday TODAY.

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Trump Pushes False Claim He Won 2020 Election At Rally In Georgia

49 thoughts on “Trump Pushes False Claim He Won 2020 Election At Rally In Georgia”

  1. trump won easily. the democrats saw that winning a fair election on merit wasn't possible. seeing the massive trump rallies, they knew stealing it was the only option.

  2. Nice try….we know. We ain't stupid. This administration is clueless. Cartels control the border. The Afghanistan FIASCO. Inflation is killing the middle class. Yeah, y'all know what you're trying to do.


  4. President Trump speaks the Truth. You the main stream media are full deceit.
    So true are the words
    Easier to fool the masses than convince them they have been fooled.
    President Trump Won and it was systematically stolen by means of fraud and deceptions, It was so clear to see.
    And now America is being torn down from the inside out. With dumb and dumber in da house. Its like living in a altered reality seeing the world now
    Thats the power of the white house. With 2 brainless twits apparently in charge … Its now a mad house calling the shots and it shows.
    And programs like Today keep pushing there anti Trump points of view. Its so obvious to see, it's like a really cheap Netflix series the daily news feeds.
    You are all a disgrace to humanity. With your fake charms and friendly tv personas.
    You all need to repent your sins apologise to the brainwashed masses and start reporting the truth, about everything…..
    God bless you President Trump All the free world awaits your return along side all the good people and patriots of your once great country that never douted your commitment and loyalty to the working class people.
    You are the most loved President of All time right across the world. 🙏
    The only current challenge maybe the Brazilian President. Another great man that lets the people of his country be in peace with freedom of choice.
    The media gives him a hard time to. But that figures. We need to Turn off our tv,s Clear our minds. See the truth. And pray to God. Like President Trump did when he was in Office. God bless all 🙏Amen

  5. Democrats hired a multimillion-dollar team of attorneys to stop the forensic audit the only one who hires an attorney to stop a forensic is someone who's guilty and has something to hide.

  6. The only lie in America is Biden also Biden is our only domestic enemy. And you will not silence us ever. FK JOE BIDEN 💯 WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT TOLERATE TYRANTS EVER.

  7. He did win…. Do some serious research…. media has to keep giving us this fake news because they must protect Biden and all the lies at all cost….
    Stop listening to fake news!!

  8. President Trump won the election. All intelligent people know that. Some may hide it, but they know. Now there is a corrupt, demented usurper squatting in the White House, while his shadow regime spreads totalitarian fascism across America. Censorship and media corruption are two tools common to the rise of all totalitarianism.

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