Trump RIDICULES 'Gutless' DeSantis For Not Touting Booster | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar react to the feedback made by former President Trump about politicians who’re too cowardly to have fun taking the covid booster shot in public

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Trump RIDICULES 'Gutless' DeSantis For Not Touting Booster | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

41 thoughts on “Trump RIDICULES 'Gutless' DeSantis For Not Touting Booster | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar”

  1. I’d vote for DeSantis tomorrow if I could. Not a Trump fan aside from him doing well with energy, economy, and border protection. Hers just too bombastic and arrogant for a leader.

  2. I hate Trump, but this is so funny. I hope 2016 Trump comes back in terms of giving zero fucks and just going at everyone, just for pure entertainment purposes.

  3. Awful you have to be kidding me. The current administration is so awful that there should be another word to describe awful. There are so many variables to be in president of the United States that it's so tough to be the right person for every situation that comes up in the presidency. You're always knocking Trump and you're always knocking divided administration who do you think should run for president of the United States. 😎

  4. But your headline is also misleading. He never called out DeSantis as being godless. It's just a quote that he made or a way of saying something but he did not call to send his gutless. 😎

  5. As a lifelong Democrat and now a "vaccine skeptic" I won't be voting for a Democrat anytime soon. I don't think I could vote for Trump, even if he wasn't a vaccine enthusiast. I could maybe vote for DeSantis if he convinced me he's 10% less of a corporate tool than all his opponents

  6. Pretty mild dig for Trump. If you are old and fat, or just fat, you should get the vax. Omicron probably wont kill but the Delta variant and previous variants did in a lot of older, obese and immune compromised people. Particularly those that were not vaccinated. That part is real.

  7. Trump was never against vaccines. It may have saved his presidency if it came out a month earlier . Good for him for backing the vaccines that he helped bring to the public at " warp speed". However Trumps motives will always be suspect.

  8. DeSantis over Trump ALL GOD DAMN DAY!!! Trump sold this nation out and pushed us all farther down the road to communism. FUCK THE SHOT AND THE BOOSTER!!!

  9. I’m not sure why it’s surprising that Trump is endorsing the vaccine. I can’t think of anyone that is completely against the vaccine itself. Sure there are some crazies out there talking about nano bots but anyone with any credibility is only against the MANDATES. Most of the population is now vaccinated from a virus that has more than a 90 percent survival rate. It’s time to move on.

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