Trump RIPS ‘Gutless’ DeSantis On Covid Vaccines

Donald Trump’s latest pro-vaccination stance has gained traction within the Proper, inflicting One American Information Community to confront him on his views. The Majority Report crew discusses how Trump’s pro-vaccine place is partially due to the success of the vaccine, and the way he doesn’t thoughts calling out his copycat, Florida Governor DeSantis, on not desirous to disclose his booster standing.

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Emma Vigeland: The Republicans proceed to dabble in anti-vaxx misinformation, aside from actually one I imply, for now, that is the man that mentioned possibly it’s best to inject bleach into uh into your physique possibly it’s best to put a UV mild in your lungs, I do not know possibly that’ll repair Covid…

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Matt Lech: This can be a comparatively pro-vax or pro-good medical data man, even with all that mentioned in comparison with most Republicans.

EV: Precisely, as a result of then as soon as the vaccine arrived he needed to take credit score for it, Donald Trump. It sounds loopy but when he runs in 2024 he would be the mo most pro-vaccine reputable contender for the Republican nomination.

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ML: And what’s so good about trump and form of what’s evident right here is he is not thirsty for the um the followers as very like he has a bit little bit of disdain proper he is leaving them within the chilly…

Trump RIPS ‘Gutless’ DeSantis On Covid Vaccines

41 thoughts on “Trump RIPS ‘Gutless’ DeSantis On Covid Vaccines”

  1. I think the RWM is trying to set up Trump for a fall. If they wanted to continue propping him up, they would be much softer on him about this issue and they certainly wouldn't ask him if he made a mistake. I can't help but believe the real power brokers in this country would vastly prefer DeSantis, who would be less difficult to manage.

  2. Folks, the bourgeois, they're no good.
    Everyone is saying it. All these workers- very handsome workers, we have the biggest, just the best workers- they come up to me and say Comrade Trump there is a specter haunting Europe, and you know what? They're right. These bourgeois are very nasty people- very very rude, and very unfair to the workers. They are stealing our surplus value, and no one is doing anything about it! The proletariat comes up to me every day and says, Comrade Trump will you lead the revolution? And I gotta turn to them and say, look, the instruments of capitalism will be used to bring about its destruction- believe me. The means of production, Obama never wanted to seize them. Well guess what? I'm seizing them. Landlords? They're done for, folks. Everyone told me, they said Comrade Trump you won't be the vanguard of the revolution- and they would laugh, the media laughed, the democrats laughed. Guess who's laughing now?

  3. Donald Trump will not run against the vaccine when the majority of the population is actually getting vaccinated. He thinks he lost because of being weak on the pandemic so he will want to appear strong now.

  4. It's actually funny, Trump is one smart sob. He just comes out and says, vaccine is good, It was done under my watch, I took it, you can take it if you want to, you don't have to, but I took it.
    He covers all base MR don't know what to do. It's either bash him for promoting vaccine, but then they have to claim its unsafe, same as injecting bleach. Or praise him for encouraging people to get vaccine, but then they have to admit he is not a moron and people should listen to him.
    It's a check mate move. Bravo 👏

  5. Yep, this is hedging his bets against the conspiracy crowd. He’s turning to the enlightened skeptic crowd, there’s more plausible deniability and independents there.

  6. I would have died if he was like, it's like Merry Christmas, people aren't saying it anymore. You gotta say it. Just like these politicians aren't saying if they got vaccinated, you gotta say it.

  7. Does no one remember "weapons of mass destruction". I'm surprised so many so called liberals are so willing to buy whatever the establishment media tell them. What are the odds Pfizer sponsor Sam Seeder's show on the Peacock network?

  8. For those people saying at last trump is saying something sort of correct, or that he is pro vaccination, you are being sucked in to his rhetoric because ultimately his advice is completely flawed. He is saying young people should not take it. He is wrong yet again and in his ” I’m talking the truth while no one else will”, style is spreading misinformation yet again and sounding so reasonable while doing it.

    Whatever your age your prognosis from catching Covid-19 is much, much improved if you’ve had the vaccine.

    And I did have a side effect of skin irritation/ rashes for about 4 days. So what? Still better than the risks of the virus. But that would show up as side effects on that web site.

  9. Republicans have always wanted government to get rid of the red tape because it slows down innovation, but now ALL THE SUDDEN they want the tape back on? They crazy

  10. You make the same mistake that everyone makes by waaaay overthinking Trump's motivations and thought process….he is just contrarian dumb guy that thinks that he looks smart by just taking the opposite position as everyone else. If a poll showed 99.9% of people believe the earth is round, he would say it is flat.

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