Trump Slurs Words In Concerning Interview (VIDEO)

Donald Trump will not be doing effectively in many alternative methods. David Shuster breaks it down on Insurgent HQ.

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Trump Slurs Words In Concerning Interview (VIDEO)

22 thoughts on “Trump Slurs Words In Concerning Interview (VIDEO)”

  1. He won't stop cuz that money that he gets mean and is more important to him than him shutting up is in his blood to suck anyone that let him suck them dry so he does it can someone stop him already we had enough of him 😠😕

  2. He's trying to hold his teeth in. Not the 1st time he slurs his nonsense. But you know, all that b.s. non-stop has to wear on the health. And Christie couldn't even say he wouldn't vote for tRUMP if he runs again. Sad.

  3. Haha, Finally mumblin' stumblin' Joe is better at something than Trump (incoherence) and you want to say Trump is MORE incoherent. Don't take away Joe's victories man!

  4. Was thinking " long covid " but that clip was very short and hard to tell! I guess we will see in the next few appearances by trump if he is declining at a faster pace.

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