Trump Was Named In 1,200 Threat Reports Prior To 2020 Election

The Division of Homeland Safety analyzes tens of millions of threats yearly, however within the lead-up to the 2020 election, they obtained roughly 1,200 risk experiences that talked about the identify “Trump.” In spite of this, the company did not imagine that the folks threatening to commit acts of violence have been actually that essential, so many of those experiences have been simply left to die on the vine, and everyone knows what occurred subsequent. Ring of Fireplace’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Newsweek put out a brand new report this previous weekend that reveals that out of over 1 million risk experiences that the Division of Homeland Safety obtained, 1200 of them final yr previous to the election talked about the identify, Donald Trump, 1200, once more, out of one million. So, you realize, tiny quantity, proper? However 1200 experiences of individuals making threats right here in the US, invoking Donald Trump’s identify. That is rather a lot. And naturally, in response to this report from Newsweek, DHS, FBI, no person did something in any respect about any of those 1200 experiences. And once more, it is essential to recollect all of this was previous to the 2020 election. This doesn’t even start to debate all the threats that got here between the election and the revolt. So let me learn this from Newsweek right here. Opposite to well-liked opinion, of 1.1 million risk experiences saved on the for official use solely Homeland Safety Info Community for the years continuing the 2020 election, the ratio of proper wing to left wing experiences is nearly 5 to 1.

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Ten occasions extra experiences cowl hate crimes and white supremacists than any left wing causes. In fact, the variety of experiences ought to mirror the prevalence of threats and incidents that’s that there was a better risk of violence rising from the appropriate wing. It continues. Newsweek’s unique evaluation of the proof additionally suggests although that Homeland Safety did not overly trouble itself with professional Trumpers. Point out of the phrase Trump seems in 1200 of the 1.1 million experiences. So 1.1 million experiences, 1200 talked about Donald Trump and the variety of experiences about proper wing threats in comparison with left wing threats 5 to 1. And naturally, when you get into the racial points of it, you are speaking 10 to 1. The suitable wing is a transparent risk to America. That’s the takeaway from these experiences. DHS noticed it, the FBI noticed it, they see these identical experiences. They know this data. Hell, they went via it most likely even deeper than Newsweek did. They usually nonetheless checked out all of that and mentioned, eh, we’re, we’re not, we’re not going to do something. We’re simply going to let or not it’s. Oh, positive. A number of the extra violent ones. Yeah. We’ll look into that.

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Do not you are concerned about that. However the remainder of it, no. And everyone knows what occurred on account of that. Due to the failures of the intelligence group, even after they had the threats of their palms, gave us the January sixth revolt. And even on that day, even on that day, after they knew there have been credible threats of violence from these Trump supporters, they centered extra on the counter protestors. That was the directive given to the Capitol police by their superiors. Oh, be careful for the counter protesters, they mentioned of their experiences. They could disguise within the bushes and attempt to storm the Capitol. Oops, swing and a miss, proper Capitol police? Our intelligence equipment has by no means taken proper wing threats on this nation severely and I feel it is about time we begin why. And should you have a look at the Capitol riots, we obtained a few of our solutions. Off-duty, retired law enforcement officials, navy members, and sure, even increased up legislation enforcement officers from the federal government. Hell, even elected officers have been there. They do not take it severely as a result of these are their brothers and sisters.

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Trump Was Named In 1,200 Threat Reports Prior To 2020 Election

19 thoughts on “Trump Was Named In 1,200 Threat Reports Prior To 2020 Election”

  1. Every MAGA ever explains their bs by starting off with "Cheeto said…". They never figured out that everything he does and tells others to do is most likely a lie and/or illegal.

  2. Never mind 1200 out of 1 million. 1200 in general is a large number of threats, and threats that drop Bunker Boy’s name. I hope the FBI begins taking major steps towards doing their jobs better and fast

  3. The irony the reScambliCon call themselves the party of integrity and Family Values. I say they are the party of the Domestic Terrorists snowflakes that can't handle their Orange Messiah lost the 2020.

  4. It's all "fine and good" when the threats are directed at minorities or "others" but when fascists try to overthrow the government it affects YOU and there isn't room for complacency anymore. Wake up call. Better late than never!

  5. The FBI has been on a real winning streak the past half dozen plus years haven’t they 🥴 ?. They didn’t even go to the airports to pick up the traitors before they went home. And, it seems that nearly everybody they have picked up has been from a tip from the public. Too many reports of them not doing their job in the past year alone.

  6. WHY IS THIS LOSER NOT IN PRISON YET??? How many more bad things need to take place before someone has the guts to arrest him and put him where he belongs. Just do it, NOW!!

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