Trump 'Will Likely Be Indicted Between Now And 2024 More Than Once'

Donald Trump sued his niece Mary Trump and The New York Instances in search of $100 million in damages over tax disclosures, NBC Information confirms. Trump professional David Cay Johnston tells Pleasure Reid that in his view, “Between now and the 2024 election Donald Trump goes to be indicted, most likely greater than as soon as.”

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Trump 'Will Likely Be Indicted Between Now And 2024 More Than As soon as'

45 thoughts on “Trump 'Will Likely Be Indicted Between Now And 2024 More Than Once'”

  1. Biden and The Cheating Mala lost the election on November 3rd when the polls closed on the deadline at the cut off time the election ended with the President Trump landslide election day Official win and Biden bussed in a week's worth of late China bot mail fraud votes to claim a late win a week after the election was already over and there was no transfer of Power

  2. Jan 6th The President Trump held the Executive privileges and Pence and Milley illegally Fired The Commander in Chief when Pence illegally called the Pentagon to illegally Command our military to illegally lockdown and occupy the peoples house and they got Ashli Babbitt blood all over the house and senate chambers and desecrated the place after they trampled through the blood of a United States Air Force vet on Jan 6th to certify a late after 8pm in the wee hrs fraud certification of the highly contested late mail votes and there was no transfer of Power

  3. Trump's been breaking the law for half a Century Yet never been charged. That because Laws aren't meant for the rich. At best the rich get fines while the rest of us serve time.

  4. Anyone hat knows his history,,,,,, knows what kind of business person. He has been in legal trouble, that goes back to when he was working for, with his father

  5. The most stunning thing Re his supporters? They deny every time he is caught lying…”I read the Bible” no one ever challenges this with a very simple question or two

  6. See all you hear is negative about swore you'd never hear about all the positive you won't hear tonight We rescued people we saved their live we got them into a better place and their kids ain't that a great thing and then so many be blessed

  7. Trump knows these people are going to indict, convict everything with the last name Trump. Too bad he hasn't the guts to just off himself, guess he really didn't want that page out of Hitler's book, little bit*ch

  8. None of this is funny. Trump should be in much hotter water, already. Instead, he's revving up the gravy train again. He's pumping out his lies and instigating his base just as it was obvious he would. Stop giggling at him and get him dealt with. Everybody can see what he is doing.

  9. Trump had better be indicted. He has committed crimes against the American people by trying to destroy our country. He has lied on his tax returns for many years. He should be fined and made to pay what he owes. Why should he be above the law? He is a fraud.

  10. Quit being their puppet joy. Start telling the truth. we got a great show planned for you on fox channel. It'll be alot different then this mess. Quit making victims joy and quit putting them into the Democratic social programs. Don't you want the kids to be self sufficient joy? That's all you are doing over there joy. More business' moved out of California this week joy thanks to your policies. That means more black people out of work thanks to you. Keep it up and those same companies will move out of the country. Then we really will need the social programs you love so much.

  11. Last summer was the Democrats version of "the night of breaking glass". How long will you stand with the racist democrats Joy? Come over to fox and we will let you tell the truth 100%. We know when you do you will be behind the republicans 90%. We want you to join us and be honest. Face it Joy your show don't do good on msnbc because people know you are faking it. reading their script which are not your views. it's obvious

  12. Joy nobody watches your show and your whole thing is fake. You need to come over to Fox baby! Where you can say your honest opinions. We know they will be 90% supportive of the Republicans. Do you really want your kids or your grandchildren growing up with the racists Democrats. They say black people are too stupid to get a driver's license. I know you don't feel that way and neither do we. Do you really want your kids to keep thinking they are victims? Well that's how the democrats make you feel. You can teach the kids more about education and working hard to set your goals. Unless you want all the kids in some Democratic program they come up with. You like the black people being given special programs or do you truly want to be equal like everyone else? All you are doing by reading their script is making more suckers out of the black kids. You know as well as I do they are going to build back america for their own white neighborhoods that are segregated still. Don't be a sucker for them anymore Joy. Your half truths are making suckers out of them. Sure you make money on it but wouldn't you rather like making money by saying the whole truth at fox?

  13. Please, stop making clams…. Trump will NEVER be held accountable for anything…. YES!!! Trump will absolutely run for President, and he will win! It’s going to be the end of this country. This country will implode just like his casinos… this man is a symbol of all that is wrong with the human race. 2025 The end of this country. Write this down. I hope I am wrong!!! I absolutely do.

  14. If I only had a dollar every time MSNBC predicted "Trump will likely be indicted" in the last 5 years and be a penniless pauper. Notice it has not even been true once. This is a great ENTERTAINMENT channel but way too many unsubstantiated claims to be called news. Judging by ratings many agree with me. Looks like MSNBC is racing Ole Joe to the bottom.

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