UNDISPUTED – Shannon "goes crazy" Jon Gruden out as Raiders coach after offensive emails emerge

UNDISPUTED – Shannon “goes loopy” Jon Gruden out as Raiders coach after offensive emails emerge

UNDISPUTED – Shannon "goes loopy" Jon Gruden out as Raiders coach after offensive emails emerge

20 thoughts on “UNDISPUTED – Shannon "goes crazy" Jon Gruden out as Raiders coach after offensive emails emerge”

  1. The “title” of this clip is garbage. Shannon didn’t go crazy, he reacted to yet another example of institutional racism and hypocritical behavior. I am so glad that he had the courage to tell the unvarnished truth unlike many of the other Black commentators.

    Time to grow a backbone guys!

  2. 🤔Well it seems to me after listening to this conversation about Mr. Gruden’s email 📩 and hurtful it was to those groups of people
    well, can be no more hurtful than what the WOKE culture has been doing for the last 6 years in this country,

  3. Easy to talk like if someone didn't take 10 years of your emails an msgs sent they wouldn't find the same type of comments. Anyone who says different is a straight liar. Conversations between friends say all kinds of things that doesn't mean that's the type of person you are you could say in a joking manner that's because you and that friend find those things funny does that make it right to say no does that mean he should apologize for those getting out and people finding out yeah but that doesn't define the man that you are by saying things in a private conversation between you and someone else… And don't misunderstand me what he said was absolutely wrong but I also believe he doesn't owe anybody an apology specifically he shouldn't have to go to the LGBTQ community and apologize he shouldn't have to go to any ethnic community and apologize It was a private conversation between him and someone else what he said was wrong but he doesn't owe any specific person an apology besides the people he specifically mentioned their name it's ridiculous If you're offended by that and it has nothing to do with you personally then you should be offended by everybody's thoughts that are in their head that you don't know and people's text messages and emails that you haven't read because I guarantee you you walk by somebody every single day that has said one of those things at some point probably in the last month and especially in the last 10 years even both these analysts talking right now they've both done it 100% guaranteed

  4. WTF? He didn’t say anything about blacks or gays. He called Goodell a “faggot” and an “anti Football pussy.”Stop pushing the woke bull**. Put that s* to sleep.

  5. He’s out of the league so it might not matter what his black players and gay player think but I wonder if he has a wife and daughter. Even a mother still. I’m not tryna get into his personal life but I’m genuinely curious if they’d look at him differently. They may or may not care about his opinion on women referees but I think sending other peoples nudes is pretty scummy

  6. Well these were work emails so I get it nothing sent through work emails are private that's on him but it's not like he's saying this shit to people and going out there being openly racist he's just saying amongst people he trust and that's why this is stupid. If you looked at my emails among my boys I'm sure I'd be canceled and I'm sure anyone who's offended by this has done the same if not worst. You telling me you never sent a dick pic you telling me you never sent a NSFW email your telling me you never said any homophobic comment exactly.

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